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10 Heliports found in France. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Arsenal-Premar Helipad49.64602661N 1.6337558WMIL
Brienne le Château Heliport48.40530014N 4.56179619EMIL
Camp de Satory Helipad48.7882843N 2.1187911EMIL
Caylus Barracks Helipad44.2768364N 1.74694705EMIL
Domgermain Heliport48.63830185N 5.84351492EMIL
Île Longue Helipad48.2970047N 4.5172801WMIL
Lorient Naval Base Helipad47.74331665N 3.34176993WMIL
Robert Piqué Hôpital Militaire Helipad44.7999382N 0.57454252WMIL
Roquebrune Heliport43.76142883N 7.47981882EMIL
Toulon-St Mandrier (LFTR)43.08348083N 5.93487644EMIL