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21 Seaplane bases found in France. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Amance Seaplane Base48.35083389N 4.50500011ECIV
Barrage de Pareloup Seaplane Base44.20786667N 2.72280693ECIV
Berre-Marignane Seaplane Base (LFTB)43.45000076N 5.21666718ECIV
Biscarrosse Seaplane Base44.38628006N 1.18329406WCIV
Bourcefranc Seaplane Base45.87203979N 1.13123167WCIV
Carbonne Seaplane Base43.27918625N 1.19211066ECIV
Golfe de Fréjus Seaplane Base43.33437347N 6.69850111ECIV
Golfe de Saint Tropez Seaplane Base43.27266312N 6.6089797ECIV
Grand Baie Seaplane Base16.21167564N 61.51273346WCIV
La Ciotat Seaplane Base43.1737175N 5.64138889ECIV
La Salanque Latécoère Seaplane Base42.81666565N 3ECIV
Lac du Der Seaplane Base48.56668472N 4.72997427ECIV
Lacs de Bonnal Seaplane Base47.51786804N 6.36386871ECIV
Marseille Hydrobase43.29909134N 5.3476119ECIV
Martigues-Henri Fabre Seaplane Base43.42083359N 5.07777786ECIV
Montrevel en Bresse Seaplane Base46.34498978N 5.14221907ECIV
Rhône Lavours Seaplane Base45.81087494N 5.7813201ECIV
Rivières Seaplane Base43.90171814N 1.97182393ECIV
Saint Féréol Seaplane Base43.43694305N 2.02555561ECIV
Sainte Rose Seaplane Base16.33700752N 61.70227051WCIV
Villefranche de Panat Seaplane Base44.09926605N 2.69517636ECIV