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13 Airfields found in Gabon. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Gamba Airport (GAX)2.78864765S 10.05288792ECIV
Koulamoutou Airport (KOU/FOGK)1.1849103S 12.44108582ECIV
Lambaréné Airport (LBQ/FOGR)0.70479661S 10.24505615ECIV
M'Vengue Airport (MVB/FOON)1.65616S 13.43799973ECIV/MIL
Makokou Airport (MKU/FOOK)0.5804984N 12.8927021ECIV
Mayumba Airport (MYB/FOOY)3.45811987S 10.67643642ECIV
Minvoul Airport (MVX/FOGV)2.1500001N 12.13300037ECIV
Mouila Airport (MJL/FOGM)1.84559035S 11.05663586ECIV
Okondja Airport (OKN/FOGQ)0.66658717S 13.67378712ECIV
Omboue Hopital Airport (OMB/FOOH)1.57473004S 9.26268959ECIV
Oyem Airport (OYE/FOGO)1.54311001N 11.58139992ECIV
Port Gentil Airport (POG/FOOG)0.711739S 8.75438023ECIV
Tchibanga Airport (TCH/FOOT)2.88874674S 10.95571709ECIV