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17 Airfields found in Guatemala. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bananera Airport (MGBN)15.47428608N 88.83612061WCIV
Barillas15.80290794N 91.32273865W
Canilla Airport15.17006302N 90.85873413WCIV
Chiquimula Airport (CIQ)14.83092022N 89.52093506WCIV
Cobán Airport (CBV/MGCB)15.46899986N 90.40670013WCIV
Huehuetenango Airport (HUG/MGHT)15.31661797N 91.50487518WCIV
Mundo Maya International Airport (FRS/MGTK)16.91379929N 89.86640167WCIV/MIL
Puerto Barrios Airport (PBR/MGPB)15.73089981N 88.58380127WCIV
Quetzaltenango Airport (AAZ/MGQZ)14.86586952N 91.502388WCIV
Quiché Airport (AQB/MGQC)15.01201344N 91.15089417WCIV
Retalhuleu Airport (RER/MGRT)14.52158165N 91.69670105WCIV/MIL
Río Dulce Airport (Las Vegas Airport) (LCF)15.66889954N 88.96296692WCIV
Rubelsanto Airport (RUV/MGRB)15.99216461N 90.44538116WCIV
San José Airport (GSJ/MGSJ)13.93536663N 90.83558655WCIV/MIL
San Luis Ixcan Valle Uno Candelaria15.7983036N 91.08717346W
San Marcos Airport (MGSM)14.95599937N 91.80711365WCIV
Zacapa Air Base (MGZA)14.9598856N 89.53881073WMIL