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19 Unpaveds found in Guyana. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aishalton Airport (AHL/SYAH)2.48704457N 59.31378555WCIV
Annai Airport (NAI/SYAN)3.96179461N 59.12067795WCIV
Apoteri Airport (SYAP)4.01700497N 58.60152435WCIV
Baramita Airport (BMJ/SYBR)7.37046051N 60.48988724WCIV
Bartica Airport (GFO/SYBT)6.36071682N 58.65363312WCIV
Kamarang Airport (KAR/SYKM)5.86534023N 60.61420059WCIV
Karanambo Airport (KRM/SYKR)3.75286078N 59.30856323WCIV
Karasabai Airport (KRG/SYKS)4.02990532N 59.54797363WCIV
Kato Airport (KTO/SYKT)4.65082788N 59.82992554WCIV
Lumid Pau Airport (LUB/SYLP)2.39455175N 59.43986511WCIV
Mahdia Airport (MHA/SYMD)5.27133656N 59.14921188WCIV
Marurawana Airport (SYMW)2.72882676N 59.14849854WCIV
Matthews Ridge Airport (MWJ/SYMR)7.48811197N 60.18477631WCIV
Mountain Point Airport (SYMP)2.99884295N 59.62999725WCIV
New Amsterdam Airport (QSX/SYNA)6.24432421N 57.47417068WCIV
Orinduik Airport (ORJ/SYDR)4.72526979N 60.03499985WCIV
Paruima Airport (PRR/SYPR)5.8169446N 61.05612946WCIV
Skeldon Airport (SKM/SYSK)5.8599N 57.14894104WCIV
Wichabai Airport (SYWI)2.8677094N 59.53113174WCIV