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19 Heliports found in Indonesia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Asembagus Barracks Helipad7.79076004S 114.21568298EMIL
BAT Private Helipad8.71777821S 115.20527649E
Cisarua Matahari Tourist Park Helipad6.65508795S 106.9213028ECIV
Discovery Helipad8.72832108S 115.16641235ECIV
Inna GBB Helipad8.67694473S 115.26499939E
Jakarta Helipad6.33156681S 106.91391754EMIL
Karyadibya Helipad7.76384687S 112.73779297ECIV
Malang Hospital Helipad7.88970804S 112.60002899EMIL
Malinau Heliport3.55275011S 116.62599945E
Pacitan Heliport8.21198082S 111.08589172EMIL
Paiton Power Helipad7.71690559S 113.59736633ECIV
Palabuhanratu Helipad7.3868928S 106.50923157ECIV
Pandaan Helipad7.76833248S 112.73913574ECIV
Pekanbaru Helipad0.51739502N 101.45476532ECIV
Semarang Diponegoro Helipad7.05799818S 110.45005798EMIL
Sukorejo Heliport7.69895983S 112.69895172ECIV
Surabaya Helipad7.22203922S 112.71495056EMIL
Surabaya Rumah Sakit Helipad7.30903816S 112.73628235EMIL
Surabaya Technical University Helipad7.33314085S 112.73709869ECIV