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11 Fields found in Kazakhstan. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aktau Airport (SCO/UATE)43.86007309N 51.09081268ECIV/MIL
Almaty North Air Base43.37324905N 76.97794342EMIL
Almaty-Burundai Airport (BXJ)43.3526001N 76.88369751ECIV/MIL
Astana Airport (TSE/UACC)51.02620316N 71.47145844ECIV/MIL
Balkhash Air Base (BXH/UAAH)46.89432526N 75.00486755ECIV/MIL
Ilysk Air Base43.73337936N 77.12030029EMIL
Lugovoy Air Base42.97253036N 72.72975159EMIL
Sary-Arka Airport (KGF/UAKK)49.67083359N 73.33333588ECIV/MIL
Semey Airport (PLX/UASS)50.35129929N 80.23439789ECIV/MIL
Shymkent Airport (CIT/UAII)42.36471939N 69.47605896ECIV/MIL
Taldykorgan Airport (TDK/UAAT)45.12274933N 78.44287872ECIV/MIL