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16 Unpaveds found in Kiribati. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Abaiang Atoll Airport (ABF/NGAB)1.79903889N 173.04032898ECIV
Abemama Atoll Airport (AEA/NGTB)0.49070427N 173.8302002ECIV
Aranuka Airport (AAK/NGUK)0.18497759N 173.63687134ECIV
Arorae Island Airport (AIS/NGTR)2.61628151S 176.80256653ECIV
Beru Airport (BEZ/NGBR)1.35450554S 176.00665283ECIV
Butaritari Atoll Airport (BBG/NGTU)3.0862906N 172.81112671ECIV
Kuria Airport (KUC/NGKT)0.21895432N 173.44236755ECIV
Maiana Airport (MNK/NGMA)1.00395334N 173.03088379ECIV
Makin Island Airport (Butaritari Airport) (MTK/NGMN)3.37443995N 172.99200439ECIV
Marakei Airport (MZK/NGMK)2.05869579N 173.27156067ECIV
Nikunau Airport (NIG/NGNU)1.31448293S 176.41011047ECIV
Onotoa Airport (OOT/NGON)1.79628158S 175.52604675ECIV
Tabiteuea South Airport (TSU/NGTS)1.47454727S 175.06420898ECIV
Tabuaeran Island Airport (TNV/PLFA)3.89914036N 159.38879395WCIV
Tamana Island Airport (TMN/NGTM)2.48600149S 175.97016907ECIV
Washington Island Airstrip (PLWN)4.69835901N 160.39437866WCIV