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16 Unpaveds found in Lesotho. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bobete Airport (FXBB)29.42499924S 28.66699982ECIV
Katse Airport (FXKA)29.36370087S 28.52729988ECIV
Kolberg Airport (FXKB)29.37811279S 28.49243736ECIV
Lebakeng Airport (LEF/FXLK)29.89080048S 28.65559959ECIV
Letseng Airport (FXLT)29.00930023S 28.85470009ECIV
Malefiloane Airstrip (FXML)29.33361053S 29.19116974ECIV
Mantsonyane Airport (FXMN)29.54467201S 28.27017403ECIV
Matsaile Airport (FXMA)29.84044075S 28.77672195ECIV
Mohale's Hoek Airport (FXMH)30.14506721S 27.4716053ECIV
Quthing Airport (UTG/FXQG)30.4078331S 27.69304276ECIV
Sehlabathebe Airport (FXSE)29.9160881S 29.03973198ECIV
Sehonghong Airport (SHK/FXSH)29.72886848S 28.76999474ECIV
Sekakes Airport (SKQ/FXSK)30.03890038S 28.37030029ECIV
Seshutes Airport (SHZ/FXSS)29.26696205S 28.55375862ECIV
Thaba-Tseka Airport (THB/FXTA)29.52308083S 28.61591911ECIV
Tlokoeng Airport (TKO/FXTK)29.23500252S 28.88512421ECIV