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52 Fields found in Panama. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aguadulce Airport8.25164986N 80.56539917W
Ailigandi Airport (AIL)9.22255611N 78.02361298WCIV
Alvaro Berroa Airport8.77038956N 82.66439819WCIV
Augusto Vergara Airport (MPNU)7.85737991N 80.27610016WCIV
Bahia de Piña Airport (BFQ)7.5927844N 78.17784882WCIV
Bocas del Toro International Airport (BOC/MPBO)9.34084988N 82.25080109WCIV
Calzada Larga Airport9.16627979N 79.54509735W
Cap Justiniano Montenegro Airport7.55688N 80.02330017W
Cap Scarlet Martinez Airport (MPRH)8.37851238N 80.12918854WCIV
Captain Manuel Niño International Airport (CHX/MPCH)9.45902061N 82.51495361WCIV
Captain Ramon Xatruch Airport (PLP/MPLP)8.40624523N 78.14172363WCIV
Chame Airport8.58845997N 79.88970184W
Chitre Airport (CTD/MPCE)7.98820162N 80.4098053WCIV
Contadora Airport (OTD)8.62876034N 79.03469849WCIV
Deborah Airport9.51613998N 82.59549713W
El Porvenir Airport (MPVR)9.55884457N 78.94718933WCIV
El Real Airport (ELE)8.10759449N 77.7266922WCIV
Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport (ONX/MPEJ)9.3606205N 79.86722565WCIV
Enrique Malek International Airport (DAV/MPDA)8.39070225N 82.43508148WCIV
Finca 32 Airport (MPZL)9.42708969N 82.56269836WCIV
Finca 45 Airport9.54333019N 82.7338028W
Finca 67 Airport9.4344101N 82.49909973W
Finca Blanco Airport8.39013004N 82.86789703W
Finca Ceiba Airport8.35499954N 82.83640289W
Finca Fátima Airport8.36911964N 82.74700165W
Fort Sherman Airport (MPFS)9.36384106N 79.95037842WCIV
Garachiné Airport (GHE)8.06439972N 78.36730194WCIV
Howard Airport (BLB/MPHO)8.91479015N 79.59960175WCIV
Ingenio Santa Rosa Airport8.19521999N 80.65869904W
Jaqué Airport (JQE/MPJE)7.51765203N 78.1572113WCIV
La Cabezona Airport8.33839035N 82.50350189W
La Joya Airport9.1385603N 79.24019623W
La Plantación Airport7.66288996N 81.00610352W
Mandinga Airport9.45583439N 79.08600616WCIV
Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport (PAC/MPMG)8.97334003N 79.55560303WCIV
Miraflores Airport8.33471966N 78.14029694W
Penonome Airport8.5044241N 80.36047363WCIV
Puerto Obaldia Airport (MPOA)8.68740559N 77.52474213WCIV
Punta Cocos Airport8.2248497N 78.90440369W
Río Azúcar Airport9.38352013N 78.79889679W
Rio Sidra Airport9.31678963N 79.28299713W
Río Tigre Airport9.25088024N 78.498703W
Rubén Cantú Airport (SYP/MPSA)8.08517456N 80.94521332WCIV
Sambu Airport (SAX)8.0266037N 78.20986938WCIV
San Blas Airport (NBL/MPWN)9.45256329N 78.97889709WCIV
San Miguel Airport8.45121956N 78.91840363W
Tocumen International Airport (PTY/MPTO)9.06669521N 79.38544464WCIV/MIL
Tubala Airport8.72758961N 77.68099976W
Tupile Airport9.24658012N 78.36250305W
Ustupo Airport9.41545963N 78.59780121W
Wakitupu Airport9.18865013N 77.99320221W
Yaviza Airport8.11518002N 77.71579742W