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21 Unpaveds found in Philippines. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Alabat Island Airport (RPLY)14.23258305N 121.92870331ECIV
Bantayan Airport (RPSB)11.16240025N 123.78479767ECIV
Barradas Airfield14.09739304N 121.11656189ECIV
Bulan Airport (RPUU)12.68348885N 123.87709808ECIV
Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi Airport (CDY/RPMU)7.01353121N 118.49565887ECIV
Calapan Airport (CPP/RPUK)13.42301083N 121.20179749ECIV
Carmen Rosales Airstrip (RPLR)15.88434219N 120.60194397E
Corregidor Airport (RPLX)14.3913002N 120.60700226ECIV
Cuyo Airport (CYU/RPLO)10.85809994N 121.06938934ECIV
Dilasag Airport (DSG)16.44505119N 122.20666504ECIV
El Nido Airport (ENI/RPEN)11.20216846N 119.41631317ECIV
Hilongos Airport (RPVH)10.3753252N 124.76103973ECIV
Jomalig Island Airport (RPLJ)14.70408344N 122.3309021ECIV
Llanes Airfield13.99828911N 121.17080688E
Malabang Airport (MLP/RPMM)7.61741114N 124.05879211ECIV
Malaybalay Airport (RPMY)8.1399498N 125.11817932E
Maraymaray Airfield7.71206379N 124.95145416E
Palanan Municipal Airport (RPLN)17.0656662N 122.42767334ECIV
Sicogon Airport (ICO/RPSG)11.45950031N 123.25060272ECIV
Sorsogon (RPLZ)13.00523758N 124.02563477ECIV
Wasig Airport (RPVL)12.53379631N 121.48155975ECIV