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23 Unpaveds found in Portugal. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aldeia de Palma Airstrip38.45748901N 8.55512714WCIV
Alijó Airport (LPJO)41.32723236N 7.45859814W
Alqueidão Airstrip39.06604385N 8.80370998WCIV
Atouguia da Baleia Airstrip39.34745026N 9.32014465WCIV
Azambuja Airstrip39.05977631N 8.82779217WCIV
Barrosinha Airstrip38.34624863N 8.44201565WCIV
Bilrete Airstrip38.98445511N 8.76591969WCIV
Castro Verde Airstrip37.67082214N 8.12383366WCIV
Comporta Airstrip38.39362717N 8.78813267WCIV
Coruche Airstrip38.94163895N 8.71731377WCIV
Entre-os-Rios Airstrip41.07587814N 8.27153015WCIV
Field Campo de Vôo de Benavente38.91280746N 8.78695965WCIV
Lezíria Airstrip38.90229034N 8.93677902WCIV
Lourinhã Airstrip39.26107025N 9.33561993WCIV
Monfortinho Airport (LPMF)39.97639847N 6.90662384WCIV
Monte do Lago Airfield39.07520294N 8.13903236WCIV
Montevil Airstrip38.39897537N 8.57530975WCIV
Óbidos Airstrip39.39041519N 9.1981411WCIV
Palma Airfield38.51471329N 8.57624435WCIV
Pias Longas Airstrip39.58633423N 8.57828045WCIV
Praia Verde 23M Airport (LPPV)37.19325256N 7.47177267W
Sines Airport (SIE/LPSI)37.94169235N 8.8173008WCIV
Tojeira Airfield38.88393021N 9.42772007WCIV