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14 Heliports found in Saudi Arabia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Abha Civil Security Heliport18.23188591N 42.65275955EMIL
Al Aflaaj Hospital Helipad22.29483795N 46.72200012ECIV
Al Faisaliyah Ashamaliyah Helipad28.41021729N 36.56090164ECIV
Al Lidem Helipad20.4593544N 44.75146484EMIL
Al Ula Hospital Helipad26.55585289N 37.9479332ECIV
Annahdhah Helipad28.39536095N 36.54465485ECIV
Jeddah Stadium Helipad21.75588226N 39.16262054ECIV
King Khaled Military City Heliport27.97754478N 45.60004044EMIL
King Khaled Military City Hospital Helipad27.98507881N 45.56542969EMIL
Prince Sultan Hospital Helipad24.07948112N 47.50295639EMIL
Riyadh Civil Defence Heliport24.74699783N 46.73776627EMIL
Riyadh Helipad24.74244499N 46.62608337ECIV
Tabuk Helipad28.36413574N 36.44894028ECIV
Tabuk Military Hospital Helipad28.34809494N 36.59835815EMIL