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15 Fields found in Senegal. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bakel Airport (BXE/GOTB)14.84655285N 12.46935177WCIV
Cap Skirring Airport (CSK/GOGS)12.39540482N 16.74815941WCIV
Dakar-Diass International Airport (DSS/GOBD)14.6707859N 17.07283211WCIV
Dakar-Yoff International Airport (DKR/GOOY)14.74132824N 17.49028206WCIV/MIL
Dodji Airport15.54344463N 14.95872879WCIV
Kaolack Airport (KLC/GOOK)14.14690018N 16.05130005WCIV
Kédougou Airport (KGG/GOTK)12.57229996N 12.22029972WCIV
Kolda North Airport (KDA/GOGK)12.89866734N 14.96818542WCIV
Ouro Sogui Airport (MAX/GOSM)15.59488201N 13.32344341WCIV
Podor Airport (POD/GOSP)16.67843819N 14.9650259WCIV
Richard Toll Airport (RDT/GOSR)16.43789864N 15.65669441WCIV
Saint-Louis Airport (XLS/GOSS)16.05026436N 16.46118355WCIV
Simenti Airport (SMY/GOTS)13.04679966N 13.29539967WCIV
Tambacounda Airport (TUD/GOTT)13.73680019N 13.65310001WCIV
Ziguinchor Airport (ZIG/GOGG)12.55564213N 16.282444WCIV