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17 Fields found in Seychelles. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Alphonse Airport (FSAL)7.00455618S 52.72622299ECIV
Assumption Island Airport (FSAS)9.74221992S 46.50680161ECIV
Astove Island Airstrip (FSSA)10.06068993S 47.74893951ECIV
Bird Island Airport (BDI/FSSB)3.7242918S 55.20538712ECIV
Coetivy Airport (FSSC)7.13482571S 56.2781105ECIV
Darros Airport (FSDA)5.41704273S 53.29579544ECIV
Denis Island Airport (DEI/FSSD)3.80222011S 55.66741562ECIV
Desroches Airport (DES/FSDR)5.6967001S 53.65579987ECIV
Farquhar Airport (FSFA)10.10960007S 51.17610168ECIV
Frégate Island Airport (FRK/FSSF)4.58237982S 55.94470215ECIV
Marie-Louise Airport (FSMA)6.17792511S 53.14566803ECIV
Platte Airport (FSPL)5.86347151S 55.38458633ECIV
Poivre Airstrip5.7470541S 53.30630875ECIV
Praslin Island Airport (PRI)4.31929016S 55.69139862ECIV
Remire Island Airport (FSSR)5.11721992S 53.31219864ECIV
Seychelles International Airport (SEZ/FSIA)4.67378902S 55.52107239ECIV
St Anne Island Helipad4.61463118S 55.49934769ECIV