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11 Unpaveds found in Slovakia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Dubnica Glider Airport (LZDB)48.99689865N 18.19219971ECIV
Holič Airport (LZHL)48.81029892N 17.13380051ECIV
Kamenica nad Cirochou Airport (LZKC)48.93700027N 21.9951992ECIV
Kralova pri Senci Airport (LZKS)48.2010994N 17.47190094ECIV
Letisko Airport (LZTR)48.4557991N 17.52639961ECIV
Male Bielice Glider Airport (LZPT)48.61920166N 18.32970047ECIV
Martin Glider Airport (LZMA)49.06529999N 18.95079994ECIV
Nitra Glider Airport (LZNI)48.27939987N 18.13279915ECIV
Prievidza Glider Airport (LZPE)48.76610184N 18.58670044ECIV
Spišská Nová Glider Airport (LZSV)48.94079971N 20.53389931ECIV
Zvolen Očová Airfield (LZOC)48.59500122N 19.26528168ECIV