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18 Fields found in Somalia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Alula Airport (ALU/HCMA)11.95820045N 50.7480011ECIV
Baadheere Airport (BSY/HCMD)2.3309226N 42.31163788ECIV
Baidoa Airport (BIB/HCMB)3.10290575N 43.62829971E
Belet Uen Airport (HCMN)4.7658N 45.23802567ECIV
Bender Qassim International Airport (BSA/HCMF)11.2750473N 49.13948441ECIV
Berbera Airport (BBO/HCMI)10.38827133N 44.94028473ECIV
Borama Airport (BXX)9.94629955N 43.1495018ECIV
Burao Airport (BUO/HCMV)9.52737331N 45.55507278ECIV
Egal International Airport (HGA/HCMH)9.51520729N 44.0853653ECIV
Erigavo Airport (ERA/HCMU)10.64205074N 47.38798141ECIV
Galcaio Airport (GLK/HCMR)6.78082991N 47.45470047ECIV
Gardo Airport (GSR/HCMG)9.54520798N 49.1193924ECIV
K50 International Airport2.00521564N 44.986866E
Kisimayu Airport (KMU/HCMK)0.37735301S 42.45920181ECIV/MIL
Mogadishu International Airport (MGQ/HCMM)2.01410437N 45.30418396ECIV/MIL
Scusciuban Airport (CMS/HCMS)10.31444073N 50.2041626ECIV
Uadan Highway Airstrip1.97121704N 45.21985626E
Wanlawayn Airport2.67052746N 44.79306793ECIV