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209 Fields found in South Korea. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
A 511 Airport (RKSG)36.96220016N 127.03099823EMIL
A-306 Airport (QUN/RKNC)37.88380051N 127.71800232E
C 100 Heliport37.3879776N 126.88903809EMIL
C 102 Heliport37.88027954N 126.7986145E
C 106 Heliport37.62333298N 126.64360809EMIL
C 107 Heliport37.43069458N 126.67527771E
C 114 Heliport37.82944489N 126.84305573E
C 116 Heliport37.83416748N 126.81555176E
C 118 Heliport37.85633469N 126.86403656EMIL
C 120 Heliport37.86999893N 126.77833557E
C 123 Heliport37.89361191N 126.72416687E
C 126 Heliport37.92444611N 126.79333496E
C 132 Helipad37.36760712N 126.77893829EMIL
C 135 Heliport37.6230545N 126.70361328E
C 136 Heliport37.7599411N 126.79728699E
C 137 Heliport37.8405571N 126.93916321E
C 141 Heliport37.8565712N 126.92716217E
C 143 Heliport37.46253967N 126.89304352E
C 145 Heliport37.41472244N 126.8263855E
C 150 Heliport37.47211838N 126.74819946E
C 168 Heliport37.87555695N 126.76361084E
C 176 Heliport37.90744019N 126.79799652EMIL
C 181Heliport37.63188934N 126.67421722EMIL
C 183 Heliport37.8152771N 126.26377869E
C 184 Heliport37.67305374N 126.16333008E
C 187 Heliport37.41718292N 126.94520569EMIL
C 201 Heliport37.3924675N 127.151474EMIL
C 232 Heliport38.06499863N 127.2547226E
C 240 Heliport37.30606461N 127.06473541EMIL
C 243 Heliport37.62055588N 127.1958313E
C 24437.73361206N 127.22360992E
C 245 Heliport38.00444412N 127.36027527E
C 249 Heliport37.75333405N 127.05750275E
C 252 Heliport37.84244537N 127.49216461E
C 271 Heliport37.48749924N 127.14316559E
C 281 Heliport37.42676926N 127.06128693EMIL
C 283 Heliport37.93027878N 127.19055176E
C 285 Heliport37.47166824N 126.77444458E
C 286 Heliport37.45722198N 127.19139099E
C 288 Heliport37.45138931N 127.24305725E
C 289 Heliport37.73090363N 127.07373047EMIL
C 316 Heliport38.16888809N 127.43222046E
C 316 Heliport38.16888809N 127.43222046E
C 329 Heliport37.69255066N 127.85973358E
C 415 Heliport37.38793182N 127.94495392E
C 425 Heliport37.95075989N 128.31962585E
C 429 Heliport38.13140869N 128.0186615E
C 431 Heliport37.71340942N 128.89971924E
C 434 Heliport38.29097748N 128.49378967E
C 503 Heliport36.43055725N 127.44972229E
C 504 Heliport36.53472137N 126.61805725E
C 507 Heliport36.79598618N 127.55965424EMIL
C 512 Heliport36.91916656N 127.16110992E
C 524 Helipad36.30041504N 126.52663422EMIL
C 533 Heliport37.25168228N 127.18283844EMIL
C 621 Heliport36.26574707N 127.10193634EMIL
C 716 Heliport34.85446548N 127.22974396E
C 717 Heliport35.05543518N 126.6997757E
C 719 Heliport35.87602234N 127.13256836E
C 720 Heliport35.1969986N 126.90779877E
C 723 Heliport35.24990463N 126.60481262EMIL
C 816 Heliport35.20211029N 129.14924622E
C 817 Heliport35.06314087N 129.07345581E
C 818 Heliport35.16744232N 128.76068115E
C 821 Heliport35.40000153N 129.10749817E
C 822 Heliport35.38111115N 129.10166931E
C 823 Heliport35.76277924N 128.60194397E
C 824 Heliport35.90250015N 128.31111145E
C 826 Heliport35.11277771N 128.43167114E
C 827 Heliport35.1744194N 129.15715027E
C 828 Heliport35.86639023N 128.65527344E
C272 Heliport37.35749817N 127.2555542EMIL
Central 119 Rescue Heliport (RKSH)37.67055511N 127.11027527ECIV
Cheong Ju International Airport (CJJ/RKTU)36.71673584N 127.49973297ECIV/MIL
Chinhae Airport (CHF/RKPE)35.14047241N 128.69618225ECIV/MIL
Chonju Air Base (CHN/RKJU)35.8783989N 127.12000275EMIL
Daegu International Airport (TAE/RKTN)35.89395905N 128.65789795ECIV/MIL
G 103 Air Base (RKRB)37.47489929N 126.74723053EMIL
G 107 Airport37.71530151N 126.55899811E
G 110 Airport (RKRP)37.76338196N 126.79261017EMIL
G 203 Airport37.64369965N 127.14900208E
G 213 Airport (RKRK)37.81287766N 127.35708618EMIL
G 217 Airport (RKRO)37.86492538N 127.1770401EMIL
G 218 Airport37.89464569N 126.97109985EMIL
G 219 Airport37.90940094N 127.00800323E
G 222 Air Base (RKRA)37.83039856N 126.98999786EMIL
G 227 Airport38.02550125N 127.11148834E
G 228 Airport38.02946091N 127.14155579EMIL
G 231 Airport38.02659988N 127.36699677E
G 233 Airport38.08176804N 127.26954651EMIL
G 237 Airport38.15470123N 127.31300354E
G 238 Airport38.17660141N 127.10299683E
G 239 Airport38.19919968N 127.22200012E
G 240 Airport38.24890137N 127.3769989E
G 301 Airport (RKRG)37.50135803N 127.63011932EMIL
G 307 Airport37.92950058N 127.75700378E
G 311 Airport38.05670166N 127.79499817E
G 312 Airport38.0754509N 127.52111053EMIL
G 313 Airport38.11909866N 127.68499756E
G 314 Airport38.13750076N 127.74199677E
G 317 Airport38.21580124N 127.65399933E
G 404 Airport38.08750153N 127.98699951E
G 405 Airport38.11869812N 128.03900146E
G 406 Airport38.13980103N 128.00900269E
G 412 Airport38.24169922N 128.20799255E
G 413 Airport38.38270187N 128.45799255E
G 414 Airport38.10517883N 128.19973755EMIL
G 417 Airport37.65029907N 128.57000732E
G 418 Airport37.34199905N 128.38600159E
G 419 Airport37.70327759N 127.90486908EMIL
G 420 Airport37.95619965N 128.31599426E
G 500 Airport36.11109924N 127.10399628E
G 501 Airport37.28760147N 127.22568512EMIL
G 505 Airport (RKUC)36.57172394N 127.29624176EMIL
G 510 AHP (RKRN)37.20024872N 127.47336578EMIL
G 526 Airport36.58380127N 126.66000366E
G 530 Airport36.75600052N 126.33000183E
G 536 Airport (RKUL)36.26756668N 127.11270905EMIL
G 605 Airport37.16289902N 128.21899414E
G 710 Airport35.34202957N 127.03004456ECIV
G 712 Airport35.30670166N 126.49500275E
G 802 Airport35.25810623N 128.62542725E
G 806 Airport35.85660172N 129.21200562E
Ganghwa Do Heliport37.76748657N 126.43716431ECIV
Gangneung Air Base (KAG/RKNN)37.75360107N 128.94400024EMIL
Gimhae International Airport (PUS/RKPK)35.17760849N 128.93943787ECIV/MIL
Gimpo International Airport (GMP/RKSS)37.55760193N 126.79465485ECIV
Gunsan Air Base (KUV/RKJK)35.90380096N 126.61599731ECIV/MIL
Gwangju Air Base (KWJ/RKJJ)35.12663269N 126.8080368ECIV/MIL
Gyeryong Air Base36.31421661N 127.23435211EMIL
Gyeryong Helipad36.31242371N 127.2223587EMIL
H 103 Heliport37.49361038N 126.71055603E
H 105 Heliport37.92638779N 126.81999969E
H 122 Heliport37.90139008N 126.73555756E
H 207 Heliport (RKSX)37.72225571N 127.09732819EMIL
H 209 Heliport37.75125885N 127.02622986E
H 250 Heliport37.52500153N 126.79055786EMIL
H 264 Heliport (RKSY)37.52833176N 126.97583008EMIL
H 401 Heliport37.45387268N 127.97333527E
H 704 Heliport35.97583389N 126.80500031E
H 805 Heliport35.84103394N 128.59176636E
H 809 Heliport35.19694519N 129.14916992E
H 831 Heliport35.23916626N 128.62028503E
H 832 Heliport35.99416733N 128.41944885E
Haman Naval Base Heliport35.14031601N 128.65078735EMIL
Incheon International Airport (ICN/RKSI)37.46206665N 126.43901825ECIV
Irwol San Heliport36.80333328N 129.10166931E
Jeju Hospital Helipad33.48993683N 126.48490906ECIV
Jeju International Airport (CJU/RKPC)33.51232147N 126.49263763ECIV/MIL
Jeju University Hospital Helipad33.46790695N 126.54468536ECIV
Jeongseok Airport (RKPD)33.39455032N 126.71152496ECIV
Jukbyeon Emergency Airstrip37.05965805N 129.40914917EMIL
Jungwon Air Base (RKTI)37.03003311N 127.88637543EMIL
Mangilsan Heliport36.93716431N 126.44446564EMIL
Mokpo Airport (MPK/RKJM)34.75889969N 126.37999725E
Mokpo Hospital Helipad34.80970001N 126.41629791ECIV
Muan International Airport (MWX/RKJB)34.99140549N 126.3828125ECIV
N 100 Helipad37.5344429N 129.09832764E
N 101 Helipad36.91999817N 129.37722778E
N 104 Helipad (RKDU)37.47923279N 130.89561462EMIL
N 105 Helipad (RKDD)37.23913193N 131.86738586EMIL
N 109 Helipad36.14916611N 129.35806274E
N 200 Heliport (RKSD)37.17165756N 126.91629028EMIL
N 201 Helipad36.99305725N 126.80666351E
N 203 Helipad37.08055496N 125.94833374E
N 204 Helipad37.25933456N 126.09860992E
N 205 Helipad36.11754227N 125.98012543E
N 206 Helipad37.66675186N 125.69772339E
N 207 Helipad37.94769287N 124.63766479EMIL
N 208 Helipad37.84393311N 124.70542908EMIL
N 210 Helipad37.75500107N 126.59572601E
N 211 Helipad37.75088882N 126.5933609E
N 212 Helipad37.73833466N 126.5616684E
N 214 Helipad37.7624588N 126.558815EMIL
N 215 Helipad37.82519531N 126.42958069E
N 218 Helipad37.7108345N 126.27444458E
N 219 Helipad37.65766525N 126.32680511E
N 220 Helipad37.65061188N 126.25441742E
N 221 Helipad37.61319351N 126.37405396E
N 229 Helipad37.75448227N 126.41761017EMIL
N 231 Helipad37.68742371N 126.19426727E
N 305 Helipad34.02891541N 127.30472565E
N 307 Helipad35.35138702N 126.03527832E
N 308 Helipad34.68249893N 125.43611145E
N 310 Helipad34.70280457N 126.58725739E
N 315 Helipad34.57679749N 126.62799072EMIL
N 316 Helipad34.39444351N 125.29805756E
N 318 Helipad33.49284744N 126.96289062E
N 323 Helipad33.30638885N 126.45583344E
N 324 Helipad33.96055603N 126.29333496E
N 325 Helipad33.93972397N 126.32305908E
Osan Air Base (OSN/RKSO)37.09059906N 127.02999878EMIL
Palgong San Heliport36.02472305N 128.69610596E
Pohang Airport (KPO/RKTH)35.98777771N 129.42027283ECIV/MIL
Sacheon Air Base (HIN/RKPS)35.09003067N 128.07064819EMIL
Seongmu Air Base (RKTE)36.56819916N 127.5EMIL
Seongnam Hospital Helipad37.38906097N 127.12184143ECIV
Seosan Air Base (RKTP)36.70399857N 126.48600006EMIL
Seoul Air Base (SSN/RKSM)37.44535828N 127.1153717EMIL
Sokcho Air Base (SHO/RKND)38.14290619N 128.59912109EMIL
Suwon Air Base (SWU/RKSW)37.23939896N 127.00700378EMIL
Taean - Hanseo University36.59428024N 126.29631042ECIV
Uisang Bong Heliport35.67861176N 126.59139252E
Uljin Airport (UJN)36.77666855N 129.46194458ECIV
Ulsan Airport (USN/RKPU)35.59349823N 129.352005ECIV
Wonju Air Base (WJU/RKNW)37.43803024N 127.96034241EMIL
Yangyang International Airport (YNY/RKNY)38.06197357N 128.66836548ECIV
Yechon Air Base (YEC/RKTY)36.63190079N 128.35499573ECIV/MIL
Yeosu Airport (RSU/RKJY)34.84230042N 127.61699677ECIV