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15 Airfields found in Sudan. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Damazin Airport (RSS/HSDZ)11.78590012N 34.33670044ECIV
Dongola Airport (DOG/HSDN)19.15390015N 30.43009949ECIV
El Fasher Air Base (ELF/HSFS)13.61489964N 25.32490158EMIL
El Obeid Airport (EBD/HSOB)13.15320015N 30.23270035ECIV
Geneina Airport (EGN/HSGN)13.48332787N 22.472435ECIV
Heglig Airport (HEG/HSHG)9.99493313N 29.39771843ECIV/MIL
Kadugli Airport (KDX/HSLI)11.13799953N 29.7010994ECIV
Kassala Airport (KSL/HSKA)15.38749981N 36.3288002ECIV
Merowe Airport (MWE/HSMR)18.44356918N 31.84390068ECIV
Merowe Airport (HSMN)18.44223404N 31.84324837ECIV
New Halfa Airport (NHF/HSNW)15.35485554N 35.7299881ECIV
Nyala Airport (UYL/HSNN)12.05350018N 24.95619965ECIV/MIL
Port Sudan Air Base (HSSP)19.57649994N 37.21590042EMIL
Port Sudan New International Airport (PZU/HSPN)19.43444061N 37.23389816ECIV/MIL
Wadi Seidna Air Base15.81739998N 32.51599884E