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22 Unpaveds found in Suriname. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Afobakka Airstrip (SMAF)4.99829149N 54.99207306WCIV
Alalapadu Airstrip (SMDU)2.52349997N 56.3246994WCIV
Albina Airport (ABN/SMBN)5.51272011N 54.05009842WCIV
Botopasi Airport (BTO)4.21751118N 55.44705582WCIV
Cayana Airstrip (AAJ)3.89868093N 55.57790756WCIV
Coeroeni Airport (SMCI)3.37051296N 57.34613419WCIV
Coronie Airport (TOT/SMCO)5.86608601N 56.32767105WCIV
Cottica Airstrip (SMCT)3.85215998N 54.22820282WCIV
Djumu Airport (DOE)4.00571251N 55.48164368WCIV
Drietabbetje Airport (DRJ/SMDA)4.11187267N 54.67276382WCIV
Godo Holo Airstrip (SMGH)4.05830002N 54.78609848WCIV
Kabalebo Airport (SMKA)4.40664196N 57.2234726WCIV
Kayser Airport (SMKE)3.09434342N 56.47411728WCIV
Kwamalasoemoetoe Airport (SMSM)2.35399771N 56.7927742WCIV
Ladouanie Airport (LDO)4.37610817N 55.40705872WCIV
Moengo Airport (MOJ/MEMO)5.60760021N 54.40029907WCIV
Poesoegroenoe Airstrip (SMPG)4.3982563N 55.79500198WCIV
Stoelmans Eiland Airport (SMZ/SMST)4.35102701N 54.41795731WCIV
Tabiki Airstrip (SMTA)3.61993194N 54.14271545WCIV
Tepoe Airstrip (KCB)3.15775609N 55.71678543WCIV
Vincent Fayks Airport (OEM/SMPA)3.34617972N 55.4437027WCIV
Washabo Airport (WSO)5.21459341N 57.18530273WCIV