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23 Unpaveds found in The Netherlands. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aero Club Salland (EHDS)52.46808624N 6.33335495ECIV
Aeroclub Nistelrode51.68333435N 5.54944468ECIV
Ameland Airport (EHAL)53.45356369N 5.67915106ECIV
Axel Glider Airfield51.2555542N 3.89138889ECIV
Glider Field Biddinghuizen52.42916489N 5.67416668ECIV
Glider Field Castricum52.53666687N 4.62666655ECIV
Glider Field De Voorst52.6847229N 5.91055536ECIV
Haamstede Airfield51.70931625N 3.71123528ECIV
Hilversum Airport (EHHV)52.19189835N 5.14694023ECIV
Hoogeveen Airport (EHHO)52.73080063N 6.51610994ECIV
Langeveld Airfield52.29785919N 4.51279593ECIV
Maldens Vlak51.78525925N 5.88099003ECIV
Midden-Zeeland Airport (EHMZ)51.5121994N 3.7311101ECIV
Middenmeer Aerodrome52.81536865N 5.02169609ECIV
Numansdorp Airfield (EHND)51.75436783N 4.4557476ECIV
Oostwold Airport (EHOW)53.20975876N 7.03651953ECIV
Schinveld Glider site50.98083496N 5.99861097ECIV
Stadskanaal Airport (EHST)52.99684525N 7.02282286ECIV
Terlet Airport (EHTL)52.06055069N 5.93546915ECIV
Texel Airport (EHTX)53.11759186N 4.82901812ECIV
Veendam Glider Site53.08444595N 6.82361126ECIV
Venlo Airfield51.36305618N 6.21611118ECIV
Wieringermeer Glider Field52.82055664N 4.92638874ECIV