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512 Seaplane bases found in United States. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Acadian Seaplane Base44.3980484N 68.2195816WCIV
Acushnet River Seaplane Base41.64730072N 70.91750336WCIV
Akiachak Seaplane Base (KKI)60.90777588N 161.43499756WCIV
Akutan Seaplane Base (KQA)54.13200378N 165.77928162WCIV
Aleknagik Seaplane Base59.27399826N 158.62399292WCIV
Alitak Seaplane Base (ALZ)56.89883423N 154.25003052WCIV
Allen's Seaplane Base40.03350067N 74.05789948WCIV
Alligator Drink Seaplane Base28.78779984N 81.16419983WCIV
Alton Bay Seaplane Base43.4776001N 71.23699951WCIV
American Lake Seaplane Base47.13998032N 122.56116486WCIV
Amook Bay Seaplane Base (AOS)57.47138977N 153.8152771WCIV
Amundson Seaplane Base44.92910004N 93.61750031WCIV
Andings Landing Seaplane Base44.88050079N 93.6085968WCIV
Angoon Seaplane Base (AGN/PAGN)57.50183487N 134.58889771WCIV
Annapolis Seaplane Base38.99919891N 76.45600128WCIV
Anvik Seaplane Base62.65620041N 160.20500183WCIV
Archie's Seaplane Base42.73749924N 89.07089996WCIV
Augusta Seaplane Base44.26760101N 69.78170013WCIV
Barnes Seaplane Base47.89960098N 92.55740356WCIV
Bartlett Cove Seaplane Base (BQV)58.45583344N 135.88735962WCIV
Bass Lake Seaplane Base41.22888947N 86.58166504WCIV
Baudette Flying Service Seaplane Base48.83167648N 94.70371246WCIV
Bauneg Beg Seaplane Base43.35900116N 70.73529816WCIV
Bay Seaplanes Seaplane Base30.18490028N 85.74990082WCIV
Bayou Boeuf Seaplane Base29.68350029N 91.10009766WCIV
Beaver Lake Seaplane Base42.26259995N 72.30699921WCIV
Beaver Lake Seaplane Base61.582901N 149.83099365WCIV
Beaver Seaplane Base40.68560028N 80.31009674WCIV
Bell Island Hot Springs Seaplane Base (KBE)55.92889023N 131.57167053WCIV
Bethel Seaplane Base (JBT)60.78194427N 161.74305725WCIV
Bieber's Seaplane Base40.9844017N 80.69110107WCIV
Birch Lake Seaplane Base46.36970139N 93.81390381WCIV
Blinn Lake Seaplane Base55.25159836N 162.75300598WCIV
Blodget Lake Seaplane Base61.5760994N 149.67599487WCIV
Bolduc Seaplane Base47.59846497N 93.41130829WCIV
Bon Secour Seaplane Base30.29829979N 87.74079895WCIV
Bootlegger's Seaplane Base41.99840164N 72.60590363WCIV
Bossey's Seaplane Base43.60419846N 71.51249695WCIV
Bostrup's Landing Seaplane Base43.48479843N 74.35179901WCIV
Bradford Camps Seaplane Base46.38970566N 69.0051651WCIV
Brammer Seaplane Base37.03219986N 79.69541931WCIV
Breezecroft Seaplane Base39.25559998N 76.20690155WCIV
Brettuns Pond Seaplane Base44.38779831N 70.25450134WCIV
Bridge Bay Resort Seaplane Base40.75759888N 122.32299805WCIV
Brocker Lake Seaplane Base61.48180008N 149.772995WCIV
Brooks Seaplane Base47.67210007N 116.78600311WCIV
Brookville Reservoir Seaplane Base39.51029968N 85WCIV
Buckhorn Camps Seaplane Base45.65420151N 68.94950104WCIV
Buffalo Lake Seaplane Base45.1619606N 93.91013336WCIV
Burgess Lake Seaplane Base43.15645218N 85.29402161WCIV
Busch's Fish Lake Seaplane Base45.09410095N 93.46520233WCIV
Caloosa Downtown Seaplane Base26.63741684N 81.88386536WCIV
Campbell Lake Seaplane Base61.1330986N 149.94200134WCIV
Cape Pole Seaplane Base (CZP)55.96611023N 133.79666138WCIV
Carey Lake Seaplane Base47.41830063N 92.82769775WCIV
Cass Lake-Cove Island Seaplane Base42.61610031N 83.35600281WCIV
Ceder Lake Seaplane Base45.21580124N 92.5727005WCIV
Charlie Hammonds Seaplane Base29.58989906N 90.71340179WCIV
Charlotte Amalie Harbor Seaplane Base (SPB)18.33790779N 64.93943787WCIV
Chatham Seaplane Base (CYM)57.51541138N 134.94558716WCIV
Chena River Seaplane Base64.83285522N 147.84918213WCIV
Chernofski Harbor Seaplane Base (KCN)53.39819717N 167.54544067W
Cherokee Seaplane Base36.58340073N 94.91690063WCIV
Chesuncook Lake House Seaplane Base46.06152725N 69.40914154WCIV
Chignik Bay Seaplane Base (KBW)56.29555511N 158.40138245WCIV
Christiansen Lake Seaplane Base62.31341553N 150.0693512WCIV
Christiansted Harbor Seaplane Base (SSB)17.74731445N 64.70836639WCIV
Clear Lake Seaplane Base41.73559952N 84.83719635WCIV
Clements Creek Seaplane Base39.02119827N 76.52269745WCIV
Cobbetts Pond Seaplane Base42.80600357N 71.27636719WCIV
Coffman Cove Seaplane Base (KCC)56.01472092N 132.83389282WCIV
Cole's Seaplane Base28.28652763N 81.38664246WCIV
Commodore Center Seaplane Base37.87897491N 122.51209259WCIV
Conchas Lake Seaplane Base35.38276672N 104.19381714WCIV
Cook County Seaplane Base47.8181839N 90.3822403WCIV
Cooper Seaplane Base44.34230042N 70.28780365WCIV
Copake Lake Seaplane Base42.14310074N 73.59120178WCIV
Cottonwood Lake Seaplane Base61.59759903N 149.31599426WCIV
Couillard Seaplane Base40.77441788N 75.14138031WCIV
Craig Cove Seaplane Base41.78055573N 70.94721985WCIV
Craig Seaplane Base (CGA)55.47861099N 133.14778137WCIV
Crescent Lake Seaplane Base43.95690155N 70.46217346WCIV
Crooked Lake Seaplane Base41.67240143N 85.04139709WCIV
Cross Lake Seaplane Base47.13299561N 68.3349762WCIV
Crystal Lake Seaplane Base44.72219849N 93.26689911WCIV
Cub Cove Seaplane Base44.55354691N 73.23149872WCIV
Currier's Seaplane Base45.46250153N 69.61949921WCIV
Cuttyhunk Harbor Seaplane Base41.4231987N 70.9272995WCIV
D&C Fire Lake Flying Club Seaplane Base61.35250092N 149.54600525WCIV
Dave's Landing Seaplane Base47.59137344N 115.34309387WCIV
Deep River Seaplane Base48.62249756N 100.78343964WCIV
Deer Harbor SPB (DHB)48.61666489N 123.0027771WCIV
Deer Lakes Seaplane Base40.6391983N 79.69289398WCIV
Destiny Cove SPB44.46059799N 70.3969574WCIV
Dewart Lake Seaplane Base41.37080002N 85.76920319WCIV
Diedrich Seaplane Base43.35419846N 89.57119751WCIV
Diesel Dogs Seaplane Base42.54339981N 71.96839905WCIV
Diving Rock Seaplane Base43.17559814N 72.06390381WCIV
Doctors Lake Seaplane Base30.12529945N 81.74420166WCIV
Double A Seaplane Base44.90090179N 68.8022995WCIV
Douglass Seaplane Base43.73699951N 70.61060333WCIV
Drummond Island Yacht Haven SPB46.02479553N 83.75251007WCIV
Dutch Creek Seaplane Base42.37110138N 88.24700165WCIV
Eagles Nest Seaplane Base47.82849884N 92.09970093WCIV
East Dakota Flying Club Seaplane Base43.96519852N 97.02980042WCIV
Eastman Seaplane Base46.48008728N 94.28110504WCIV
Eastmans Medicine Lake Seaplane Base44.99470139N 93.42610168WCIV
Edo Seaplane Base40.78340149N 73.86620331WCIV
El Capitan Lodge Seaplane Base55.95859909N 133.25300598WCIV
Elfin Cove Seaplane Base (ELV/PAEL)58.19602203N 136.34719849WCIV
Ellamar Seaplane Base (ELW)60.89389038N 146.70361328WCIV
Encelewski Lake Seaplane Base60.25559998N 151.30299377WCIV
Entrance Island Seaplane Base (HBH)57.41194534N 133.43943787WCIV
Entrance Island Seaplane Base57.41220093N 133.43899536WCIV
Essex Boatworks Seaplane Base44.30009842N 73.34960175WCIV
Excursion Inlet Seaplane Base (EXI)58.42027664N 135.44888306WCIV
Exxon Intracoastal City Terminal Seaplane Base29.82473755N 92.13207245WCIV
Fajardo Harbor Seaplane Base18.33966064N 65.62434387WCIV
Falls Pond Seaplane Base41.95840073N 71.32640076WCIV
False Island Seaplane Base (FAK)57.53194427N 135.21333313WCIV
Farewell Lake Seaplane Base (PAFK)62.54249954N 153.6230011WCIV
Ferguson Seaplane Base28.7147007N 81.27010345WCIV
Ferndale Resort Seaplane Base (CKE)39.0027771N 122.79666901WCIV
Fetske Seaplane Base41.37509918N 72.37449646WCIV
Fife Lake Seaplane Base44.56750107N 85.34420013WCIV
Finger Lake Seaplane Base61.60649872N 149.27799988WCIV
Firemans White Lake Seaplane Base41.68429947N 74.83159637WCIV
Fish River Seaplane Base30.45000076N 87.80780029WCIV
Fishermans Bay Seaplane Base48.51364136N 122.91469574WCIV
Flat Rock Seaplane Base40.05619812N 75.26660156WCIV
Floathaven Seaplane Base48.72819901N 122.33599854WCIV
Flying Bonefish Seaplane Base24.76849937N 80.94619751WCIV
Flynns Noquochoke Seaplane Base41.59360123N 71.06529999WCIV
Folsom Lake Seaplane Base38.69932938N 121.13261414WCIV
Fox Lake Seaplane Base42.41564178N 88.15523529WCIV
Foxair Seaplane Base44.49890137N 88.02230072WCIV
Franks Seaplane Base45.88327026N 89.99993896WCIV
Friday Harbor Seaplane Base (FBS)48.53722382N 123.00944519WCIV
Fudpucker International Seaplane Base44.90829849N 93.58360291WCIV
Fulton Seaplane Base27.90749931N 80.48639679WCIV
Funter Bay Seaplane Base (FNR/PANR)58.25416565N 134.89778137WCIV
Gale's Seaplane Base45.20769882N 94.16249847WCIV
Garner Landing Seaplane Base28.10359955N 81.80590057WCIV
Gary Gale Seaplane Base30.19389915N 81.68190002WCIV
Gezik Seaplane Base28.25189972N 80.66889954WCIV
Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base27.75530052N 81.51399994WCIV
Golden Horn Lodge Seaplane Base (GDH)59.74694443N 158.87472534WCIV
Gooding Lake Seaplane Base61.62770081N 149.23899841WCIV
Goose Lake Seaplane Base44.88750076N 93.84210205WCIV
Goose Nest Seaplane Base30.3987999N 86.18890381WCIV
Grand Isle Seaplane Base (KGNI)29.26416016N 89.961586WCIV
Grand Lagoon Seaplane Base30.13449097N 85.73096466WCIV
Grand Lake St Marys Seaplane Base40.54100037N 84.49069977WCIV
Greenville Forestry Seaplane Base45.46628952N 69.59907532WCIV
Greenville Seaplane Base45.46231461N 69.59677124WCIV
Greenwood Lake Seaplane Base41.18009949N 74.33429718WCIV
Grindstone Lake Seaplane Base46.13356781N 93.00398254WCIV
Gulf State Park Seaplane Base30.26329994N 87.63690186WCIV
Gunflint Seaplane Base48.09159851N 90.70839691WCIV
Hackney Landing Seaplane Base60.28779984N 151.34599304WCIV
Haines Seaplane Base59.2348671N 135.4379425WCIV
Hamilton Lake Seaplane Base41.55222321N 84.91722107WCIV
Hancock Pond Seaplane Base43.93170166N 70.75669861WCIV
Hangar Lake Seaplane Base60.8035965N 161.72640991WCIV
Harlan County Lake Seaplane Base40.04309845N 99.25090027WCIV
Harrah's Landing Seaplane Base39.38619995N 74.4260025WCIV
Harry S Truman Dam & Reservoir Seaplane Base38.21670151N 93.41690063WCIV
Harvest Lake Seaplane Base31.73080063N 81.35970306WCIV
Havre De Grace Seaplane Base39.54150009N 76.06970215WCIV
Hawk Inlet Seaplane Base (HWI)58.12615967N 134.75836182WCIV
Hazelglade Resort Seaplane Base46.14160156N 93.52110291WCIV
Highlands Seaplane Base40.36820602N 74.0331955WCIV
Highlands Seaplane Base40.41680145N 73.99960327WCIV
Holiday Isle Seaplane Base24.93490028N 80.60089874WCIV
Hollis Seaplane Base (HYL)55.49027634N 132.62333679WCIV
Homer-Beluga Lake Seaplane Base59.64253998N 151.50489807WCIV
Hoonah Seaplane Base58.11220169N 135.45199585WCIV
Hoppe's Seaplane Base61.55142975N 149.945755WCIV
Horseneck Seaplane Base41.50979996N 71.0381012WCIV
Horseshoe Lake Seaplane Base61.5714798N 149.92411804WCIV
Hubbard Landing Seaplane Base31.06361008N 87.87000275WCIV
Hummel Seaplane Base39.93730164N 74.13569641WCIV
Hunts Cove Seaplane Base41.14581299N 79.68634796WCIV
Hydaburg Seaplane Base (HYG/PAHY)55.20611191N 132.82804871WCIV
Hyder Seaplane Base (WHD)55.90356064N 130.01068115WCIV
Ilco Landing Area Seaplane Base46.60885239N 69.52373505WCIV
International Falls Seaplane Base48.60580063N 93.3707962WCIV
Irons Point Seaplane Base47.84329987N 92.35070038WCIV
Iroquois Landing Seaplane Base44.65710068N 71.21910095WCIV
Irvington Marina Seaplane Base37.6576004N 76.43720245WCIV
Island Air Service Seaplane Base41.77180099N 70.87310028WCIV
Island Lake Seaplane Base61.62881851N 149.61816406WCIV
Island Lake Seaplane Base60.70439911N 151.31100464WCIV
Ivanof Bay Seaplane Base (KIB)55.89749908N 159.48861694WCIV
Jack Browns Seaplane Base28.05750084N 81.76280212WCIV
Jackson Seaplane Base42.23669815N 88.35230255WCIV
Jacobsen Lake Seaplane Base61.57910156N 149.53900146WCIV
Joe Clouds Seaplane Base60.72722244N 151.13278198WCIV
Johnson Island Seaplane Base45.12670135N 88.44329834WCIV
Johnson Seaplane Base45.15067673N 93.7460022WCIV
Johnson'S Sea Landing Seaplane Base47.85609436N 92.39167786WCIV
Jolly Fisherman Seaplane Base47.14300156N 95.52890015WCIV
Jones Landing Seaplane Base61.55467606N 149.9389801WCIV
Jordan Seaplane Base29.01509285N 81.97780609WCIV
Jordan Seaplane Base47.5966835N 94.84698486WCIV
Jorgensen's Landing Seaplane Base44.73939896N 93.39579773WCIV
June Lake Seaplane Base61.63000107N 149.56916809WCIV
Juneau Harbor Seaplane Base58.2989006N 134.40800476WCIV
Kalmbach Lake Seaplane Base61.60710144N 149.57400513WCIV
Karluk Lake Seaplane Base (KKL)57.36694336N 154.02749634WCIV
Kasaan Seaplane Base (KXA)55.53722382N 132.39750671WCIV
Kashwitna Lake Seaplane Base61.83530045N 150.08000183WCIV
Kenmore Air Harbor (KEH)47.7547226N 122.2591629WCIV
Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base (LKE)47.62888718N 122.33860779WCIV
Kennedy Seaplane Base28.60309982N 81.84950256WCIV
Ketchikan Harbor Seaplane Base (WFB)55.34444427N 131.66333008WCIV
Kikkatuck Ii Seaplane Base40.65010071N 79.69139862WCIV
King Seaaero Seaplane Base28.03860092N 81.75370026WCIV
Kissimmee Seaplane Base28.28480911N 81.40715027WCIV
Kitching Cove Seaplane Base27.2509861N 80.32176208WCIV
Kitoi Bay Seaplane Base (KKB)58.19083405N 152.37028503WCIV
Kivi/Mokki Seaplane Base46.71689987N 93.21019745WCIV
Klawock Seaplane Base (PAQC)55.55469894N 133.102005WCIV
Kodiak Lilly Lake Seaplane Base57.80178833N 152.38319397WCIV
Kollar's Shoreview Marine Seaplane Base45.03329849N 93.12519836WCIV
Konocti-Clear Lake Seaplane Base38.97769928N 122.71800232WCIV
Krezowski Seaplane Base46.7582016N 93.28230286WCIV
Krueger Loon Lake Seaplane Base46.62220001N 95.83640289WCIV
Kucera Seaplane Base61.57638931N 149.94332886WCIV
Kwigillingok Seaplane Base (KWK)59.84994507N 163.12928772WCIV
L Auberge Du Lac Hotel Seaplane Base30.20716858N 93.26439667WCIV
Labrador Landing Seaplane Base44.0651741N 69.53352356WCIV
Lac Vieux Desert Seaplane Base46.12252426N 89.12091827WCIV
Lake Berryessa Seaplane Base38.59159851N 122.25900269WCIV
Lake Brooks Seaplane Base58.55587387N 155.77598572WCIV
Lake Conway North Seaplane Base28.47949219N 81.36721039WCIV
Lake Conway South Seaplane Base28.45859909N 81.34970093WCIV
Lake Fremont Seaplane Base45.45750046N 93.57830048WCIV
Lake Gage Seaplane Base41.70138931N 85.11305237WCIV
Lake Gardner Seaplane Base42.86149979N 70.94339752WCIV
Lake Gibson Seaplane Base28.10860062N 81.95870209WCIV
Lake Hiawassee Seaplane Base28.5291996N 81.48090363WCIV
Lake Hood Seaplane Base (PALH)61.18000031N 149.97200012WCIV
Lake James Seaplane Base41.70000076N 85.03929901WCIV
Lake Josephine Seaplane Base27.39690018N 81.42669678WCIV
Lake Louise Seaplane Base62.28290176N 146.51899719WCIV
Lake Lucille Seaplane Base61.57460022N 149.4730072WCIV
Lake Maxinkuckee Seaplane Base41.20611191N 86.40444183WCIV
Lake Menomin Seaplane Base44.89160156N 91.91690063WCIV
Lake Minnewashta Seaplane Base44.88050079N 93.60910034WCIV
Lake Monroe Seaplane Base39.05870056N 86.44609833WCIV
Lake Oroville Landing Area Seaplane Base39.5666008N 121.46800232WCIV
Lake Pend Oreille Seaplane Base48.21659851N 116.36100006WCIV
Lake Pleasant Seaplane Base41.75699997N 85.09190369WCIV
Lake Pulaski Seaplane Base45.19860077N 93.84470367WCIV
Lake Sylvan Seaplane Base41.48194504N 85.34361267WCIV
Lake Taney Como Seaplane Base36.66375351N 93.14753723WCIV
Lake Tuscaloosa Seaplane Base33.34780121N 87.60189819WCIV
Lake Wawasee Seaplane Base41.40359879N 85.70610046WCIV
Lake Weir Seaplane Base29.03440094N 81.95059967WCIV
Lake Woahink Seaplane Base43.90364456N 124.11405182WCIV
Lake Zumbro Seaplane Base44.20159912N 92.48349762WCIV
Lakeside Marina Seaplane Base44.32089996N 69.88950348WCIV
Land's End Seaplane Base37.85359955N 76.24669647WCIV
Larson's Seaplane Base42.69150162N 71.41809845WCIV
Libby Camps Seaplane Base46.30830002N 68.84359741WCIV
Lindey's Landing West Seaplane Base47.17424774N 113.48116302WCIV
Little Clam Lake Seaplane Base46.15823364N 90.88454437WCIV
Little Niklason Lake Seaplane Base61.62649918N 149.28799438WCIV
Little Ossipee Lake Seaplane Base43.61309814N 70.6964035WCIV
Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility Seaplane Base56.81031418N 132.97007751WCIV
Lockerman Seaplane Base37.03820038N 79.59609985WCIV
Long Lake /Helms Seaplane Base43.97510147N 74.42040253WCIV
Long Lake Seaplane Base43.9697113N 70.60453796WCIV
Long Lake Seaplane Base47.19309998N 68.23139954WCIV
Long Lake Seaplane Base61.72570038N 150.09100342WCIV
Long Lake Seaplane Base43.96895218N 74.42877197WCIV
Long Pond Seaplane Base44.4333992N 70.21620178WCIV
Long Pond Seaplane Base41.73210144N 70.06109619WCIV
Lookout Lake Seaplane Base46.4375N 93.95610046WCIV
Loon Lane Seaplane Base44.60317612N 93.52220154WCIV
Loons Nest Seaplane Base43.63658524N 71.32266998WCIV
Lord Creek Seaplane Base41.35150146N 72.35510254WCIV
Loring Seaplane Base (WLR)55.60111237N 131.63667297WCIV
Lost Isle Seaplane Base37.9992981N 121.44961548WCIV
Lost Lake SPB Seaplane Base61.33499908N 149.99699402WCIV
Lovewell Pond Seaplane Base44.00680161N 70.93360138WCIV
Lower Delta Seaplane Base30.67547607N 87.95986938WCIV
Lower Hay Lake Seaplane Base46.67741776N 94.29224396WCIV
Lucky Landing Marina and Seaplane Base44.9070015N 68.80461121WCIV
Mackeys Lakes Seaplane Base60.53359985N 150.9960022WCIV
Mal's Serpent Lake Seaplane Base46.47406769N 93.91624451WCIV
Malletts Head Seaplane Base44.56060028N 73.24040222WCIV
Manatee Seaplane Base29.50580025N 82.98390198WCIV
Marion Seaplane Base61.50916672N 149.90861511WCIV
Marston Mills Seaplane Base41.66899872N 70.41750336WCIV
Marty's Tranquility Base44.69996262N 93.47189331WCIV
Mast Cove Seaplane Base43.99499893N 70.64129639WCIV
Mattison's Seaplane Base45.28179932N 92.96659851WCIV
Maus Marineland Seaplane Base42.81068039N 76.31056976WCIV
Mc Grath Seaplane Base62.95800018N 155.59300232WCIV
Mc Laughlin Seaplane Base37.3205986N 77.34580231WCIV
Medos Lake Delton Seaplane Base43.60575104N 89.77773285WCIV
Melrose Landing Seaplane Base32.1391983N 80.86810303WCIV
Memory Lake Seaplane Base61.62888718N 149.4236145WCIV
Merian Seaplane Base35.82170105N 84.61100006WCIV
Merrimack Valley Seaplane Base42.70009995N 71.21620178WCIV
Merrymeeting Lake Seaplane Base43.47999954N 71.17019653WCIV
Metlakatla Seaplane Base (MTM/PAMM)55.13083267N 131.57804871WCIV
Meyers Chuck Seaplane Base (WMK)55.7400322N 132.25839233WCIV
Miami Seaplane Base (MPB)25.78318405N 80.17796326WCIV
Middle Hero Seaplane Base44.75638962N 73.26667023WCIV
Millinocket Seaplane Base45.73012924N 68.84002686WCIV
Minuteman Lake Seaplane Base61.72129822N 150.04699707WCIV
Mississinewa Reservoir Landing Area Seaplane Base40.70370102N 85.93250275WCIV
Misty Lake Seaplane Base61.55073929N 149.6761322WCIV
Monponsett Pond Seaplane Base42.00979996N 70.8431015WCIV
Moose River Seaplane Base45.63430786N 70.26467133WCIV
Morvro Lake Seaplane Base61.59983826N 149.78463745WCIV
Moser Bay Seaplane Base (KMY)57.02555466N 154.14582825WCIV
Moundsville Seaplane Base39.93173218N 80.75810242WCIV
Murphys Pullout Seaplane Base55.38959885N 131.73800659WCIV
Namakan Seaplane Base48.40625763N 92.67156219WCIV
Nancy Lake Seaplane Base61.68500137N 149.97999573WCIV
Naukati Bay Seaplane Base (WNC)55.84944534N 133.2277832WCIV
Nayaug Seaplane Landing Area Seaplane Base41.63899994N 72.62809753WCIV
Ness Landing Seaplane Base45.90390015N 86.97029877WCIV
New Martinsville Seaplane Base39.63589859N 80.87039948WCIV
New York Skyports Inc. Seaplane Base (QNY)40.73389053N 73.97277832WCIV
Niklason Lake Seaplane Base61.62919998N 149.27099609WCIV
North Air Seaplane Base46.61083221N 95.70444489WCIV
North Center Lake Seaplane Base45.39705276N 92.83151245WCIV
North Country Seaplane Base47.01490021N 92.16819763WCIV
North Country Seaplane Base46.3698349N 91.79799652WCIV
North Hero Passage Seaplane Base44.85472107N 73.28555298WCIV
North Whale Seaplane Base (WWP)56.11478424N 133.12419128WCIV
Northbound Seaplane Base47.15639877N 93.52390289WCIV
Northern Lights Seaplane Base44.87279892N 73.28170013WCIV
Northern Maine Regional Seaplane Base46.70750046N 68.06109619WCIV
Nugent Chamberlain Lake Seaplane Base46.21598816N 69.25263214WCIV
Oak Harbor Seaplane Base28.12901497N 81.68733978WCIV
Olga Bay Seaplane Base (KOY)57.16091156N 154.22906494WCIV
Oliver Lake Seaplane Base41.57020187N 85.40529633WCIV
Panther Pond Seaplane Base43.93009949N 70.45310211WCIV
Paradise Landing Seaplane Base28.6538887N 81.3769455WCIV
Passaic River Seaplane Base40.82989502N 74.12120056WCIV
Pate Lake Seaplane Base30.69143677N 85.75485992WCIV
Patoka Reservoir Landing Area Seaplane Base38.4333992N 86.69110107WCIV
Paul's Seaplane Base46.47719955N 94.30310059WCIV
Pauloff Harbor Seaplane Base (KPH)54.45909882N 162.69400024WCIV
Pebbly Beach Seaplane Base (AVX)33.33840179N 118.31199646WCIV
Peekskill Seaplane Base41.2458992N 73.96209717WCIV
Peil's Vermillion Wings Seaplane Base47.88550186N 92.40519714WCIV
Pelican Lake Seaplane Base48.05963516N 92.86269379WCIV
Pelican Seaplane Base30.26707458N 89.80569458WCIV
Pelican Seaplane Base57.9552002N 136.23599243WCIV
Peninsula Point Pullout Seaplane Base55.38253784N 131.73649597WCIV
Perry Island Seaplane Base (PYL)60.68529892N 147.91900635WCIV
Pete's Water Landing Seaplane Base40.69505692N 79.61797333WCIV
Peterson Seaplane Base44.99813461N 93.41526031WCIV
Philadelphia Seaplane Base (PSQ)39.85889053N 75.29944611WCIV
Plantation Key Seaplane Base24.97120094N 80.59559631WCIV
Plouffe Landing Seaplane Base41.87530136N 71.59030151WCIV
Point Baker Seaplane Base (KPB)56.3516655N 133.62249756WCIV
Pomeroy-Mason Seaplane Base39.02745056N 82.02347565WCIV
Ponderosa Seaplane Base46.86166N 93.98362732WCIV
Port Alice Seaplane Base (PTC)55.80093384N 133.59622192WCIV
Port Bailey Seaplane Base (KPY)57.93044662N 153.03996277WCIV
Port of Poulsbo Marina Moorage Seaplane Base (PUL)47.73389053N 122.64722443WCIV
Port Protection Seaplane Base (PPV)56.32860947N 133.61000061WCIV
Port Sulphur Seaplane Base29.46269989N 89.70279694WCIV
Port Walter Seaplane Base (PWR)56.38100052N 134.65100098WCIV
Port Williams Seaplane Base (KPR)58.49000168N 152.5819397WCIV
Portage Lake Municipal Seaplane Base46.76029968N 68.48079681WCIV
Pow-Wow Seaplane Base42.91180038N 71.03384399WCIV
Prairie Lake28.65670013N 81.35340118WCIV
Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay Seaplane Base40.6053009N 73.90229797WCIV
Quad-City Seaplane Base41.45999908N 90.49289703WCIV
Quaddick Lake Seaplane Base41.95840073N 71.8167038WCIV
Quams Marina Seaplane Base42.9510994N 89.27100372WCIV
Quartermaster Harbor Seaplane Base47.38002396N 122.44585419WCIV
Quist Seaplane Base44.41669846N 93.33080292WCIV
Raintree Seaplane Base39.56555939N 75.85826874WCIV
Rangeley Lake Seaplane Base44.95330048N 70.6631012WCIV
Ravenswood Seaplane Base38.95199966N 81.77320099WCIV
Read Seaplane Base46.16815567N 85.79299927WCIV
Rehoboth Bay Seaplane Base38.68894577N 75.08327484WCIV
Ridgefield Park Seaplane Base40.84589386N 74.03041077WCIV
Rileys Landing Seaplane Base44.83385086N 93.53072357WCIV
Riverside Seaplane Base45.1833992N 69.23560333WCIV
Robe Lake Seaplane Base61.08710098N 146.14399719WCIV
Robinestte Seaplane Base28.33300018N 81.25WCIV
Romere Pass Seaplane Base29.27639008N 89.24188995WCIV
Rosacker's Nr 1 Seaplane Base45.07646942N 93.20417023WCIV
Rosacker's Nr 2 Seaplane Base46.36439896N 93.86000061WCIV
Rosario Seaplane Base (RSJ)48.64569855N 122.86799622WCIV
Round Lake Seaplane Base46.00690079N 91.31040192WCIV
Rouses Point Seaplane Base44.99169922N 73.3635025WCIV
Russell Mill Pond Seaplane Base41.91790009N 70.62779999WCIV
Safe Air Seaplane Base46.98659897N 94.12439728WCIV
Sage Seadrome Seaplane Base27.94548607N 81.41429901WCIV
Saginaw Seaplane Base (SGW)56.88629913N 134.15800476WCIV
Saint Peter's Seaplane Base46.77893066N 68.50051117WCIV
Salty Fare Landng Seaplane Base32.23389816N 80.7542038WCIV
San Juan /Uganik/ Seaplane Base (WSJ)57.73040009N 153.32099915WCIV
San Juan Seaplane Base18.45832825N 66.12028503WCIV
San Luis Reservoir Seaplane Base37.05830002N 121.12599945WCIV
Sand Lake Seaplane Base28.43359947N 81.49150085WCIV
Sands Point Seaplane Base40.83760071N 73.71620178WCIV
Sanford Seaplane Base28.82279968N 81.26329803WCIV
Schiffmann Seaplane Base45.88809967N 89.53289795WCIV
Scotts Seaplane Base48.26660156N 92.48349762WCIV
Scout Lake Seaplane Base60.53300476N 150.84899902WCIV
Sea Air Atlantic City Seaplane Base39.38764572N 74.42676544WCIV
Searey Central SPB28.76611137N 81.74610901WCIV
Seattle Seaplanes Seaplane Base47.62895966N 122.33712769WCIV
Seavair's Landing Seaplane Base41.89599991N 73.0931015WCIV
Seldovia Seaplane Base59.43440628N 151.71243286WCIV
Seven G S Seaplane Base44.49160767N 69.99073029WCIV
Seventh Lake Seaplane Base43.74280167N 74.76190186WCIV
Seymour Lake Seaplane Base61.61321259N 149.66360474WCIV
Shadduck Seaplane Base45.29219818N 94.09470367WCIV
Shannons Pond Seaplane Base59.05081177N 158.58091736WCIV
Shell Central Facilities Seaplane Base29.05719948N 89.30280304WCIV
Shin Pond Seaplane Base46.10113525N 68.56045532WCIV
Shirt Lake Seaplane Base46.43059921N 93.83309937WCIV
Shoals Creek Seaplane Base34.90259933N 87.58719635WCIV
Siltcoos Lake Seaplane Base43.86650085N 124.08499908WCIV
Silver Lake Seaplane Base45.58329391N 91.92409515WCIV
Sitka Seaplane Base57.05210114N 135.34599304WCIV
Sixberry's Landing Seaplane Base47.67770004N 93.04820251WCIV
Skagway Seaplane Base59.44689941N 135.32299805WCIV
Skid Row Seaplane Base46.42197418N 117.07470703WCIV
Sky Harbor Seaplane Base47.45915604N 92.47624969WCIV
Skyline Seaplane Base48.48320007N 122.68499756WCIV
Snake River Seaplane Base46.36867523N 117.05932617WCIV
Snell's Seaplane Base47.64720154N 93.74500275WCIV
Snyder's Lake Seaplane Base42.65911865N 73.63858795WCIV
Soaring Sun Seaplane Base39.70000076N 74.15280151WCIV
South Pond Seaplane Base42.00870132N 72.76260376WCIV
South River Seaplane Base38.91469955N 76.50469971WCIV
Squaw Harbor Seaplane Base55.23329926N 160.55200195WCIV
St Mary's Seaplane Base39.4137001N 81.19979858WCIV
Stave Island Seaplane Base44.59590149N 73.34760284WCIV
Steamboat Bay Seaplane Base (WSB)55.53226852N 133.63586426WCIV
Stockton Lake Seaplane Base37.65000153N 93.75849915WCIV
Summit Lake Seaplane Base60.63948059N 149.49737549WCIV
Sunbury Seaplane Base40.9131012N 76.73300171WCIV
Surfside Seaplane Base45.15895844N 93.12246704WCIV
Sweetwater Bay Seaplane Base44.95190048N 87.80840302WCIV
Taku Harbor Seaplane Base58.06909943N 134.01499939WCIV
Taku Lodge Seaplane Base (TKL)58.49102402N 133.94268799WCIV
Tamgas Harbor Seaplane Base55.06800079N 131.55700684WCIV
Tan Tar A Resort Seaplane Base38.13339996N 92.73349762WCIV
Tanglefoot Seaplane Base48.53889847N 116.83200073WCIV
Tavares Seaplane Base28.80003357N 81.72772217WCIV
Tazlina Smokey Lake Seaplane Base62.06340027N 146.44900513WCIV
Teconnet Seaplane Base44.44800186N 69.53033447WCIV
Tenakee Seaplane Base57.77970123N 135.21800232WCIV
The Pass Seaplane Base44.91439819N 93.68849945WCIV
Thorne Bay Seaplane Base (KTB)55.68777847N 132.53666687WCIV
Tiger Pass Seaplane Base29.25880051N 89.35299683W
Tikchik Lodge Seaplane Base (KTH)59.96369934N 158.47846985WCIV
Timberlachen Seaplane Base28.59280014N 81.40390015WCIV
Tims Ford Seaplane Base35.22230148N 86.22000122WCIV
Tippecanoe Seaplane Base41.33325195N 85.76784515WCIV
Tiverton Seaplane Base41.64820099N 71.15390015WCIV
Toho Seaplane Base28.25029945N 81.39150238WCIV
Tokeen Seaplane Base (TKI)55.9367218N 133.3270874WCIV
Tolsona Lake Seaplane Base62.11339951N 146.04100037WCIV
Trident Basin Seaplane Base57.78079987N 152.39100647WCIV
Tuntutuliak Seaplane Base60.34149933N 162.66600037WCIV
Turtle Lake Seaplane Base47.61660004N 94.86689758WCIV
Twin Eagles Airport43.96661758N 70.59951782WCIV
Two Harbors Amphibious Terminal (TWH)33.43222046N 118.50861359W
Upper Wasilla Lake Seaplane Base61.58869934N 149.38499451WCIV
Van Buren Seaplane Base47.15870285N 67.93141174WCIV
Vasa Park Seaplane Base44.96387482N 93.62241364WCIV
Vette/Blust Seaplane Base43.94547272N 88.49567413WCIV
Visnaw Lake Seaplane Base61.61944962N 149.67488098WCIV
Vor Lake Waterlane Seaplane Base66.88749695N 151.49401855WCIV
Wabana Seaplane Base47.41859818N 93.51879883WCIV
Walby Lake Seaplane Base61.61642075N 149.22102356WCIV
Wallis Lake Seaplane Base61.57289886N 149.57499695WCIV
Wamsetto Seaplane Base41.8205986N 71.11470032WCIV
Warm Springs Bay Seaplane Base (BNF)57.0886116N 134.83305359WCIV
Warwood - Martins Ferry Seaplane Base40.09249496N 80.71670532WCIV
Wasilla Lake Seaplane Base61.58545303N 149.40809631WCIV
Waterfall Seaplane Base (KWF)55.29528809N 133.24468994WCIV
Weirton - Steubenville Seaplane Base40.39727783N 80.61873627WCIV
Wells Seaplane Base42.84980011N 73.90480042WCIV
Wellsburg Seaplane Base40.26779938N 80.61730194WCIV
West Beaver Seaplane Base61.58786011N 149.84515381WCIV
West Parkersburg Seaplane Base39.26669693N 81.58583069WCIV
West Point Village Seaplane Base (KWP)57.77027512N 153.5466156WCIV
Westport Seaplane Base41.64929962N 71.12590027WCIV
Westsound Seaplane Base (WSX)48.61925507N 122.95735168WCIV
Whaletail Lake Seaplane Base44.93889999N 93.72270203WCIV
Whiskey Lake Seaplane Base45.9773407N 95.56976318WCIV
White Bear Lake Seaplane Base45.09123611N 92.9966507WCIV
Wild Rice Lake Seaplane Base46.9009552N 92.16317749WCIV
Wiley's Seaplane Base45.43099976N 122.65000153WCIV
Will Rogers Wiley Post Memorial Seaplane Base47.5008812N 122.21807861WCIV
Willow Seaplane Base61.74399948N 150.05900574WCIV
Winner's Landing Seaplane Base44.79440308N 92.98461151WCIV
Winona Lake Seaplane Base41.22305679N 85.83055878WCIV
Winter Harbor Seaplane Base43.59389877N 71.26139832WCIV
Wipline Seaplane Base44.81655884N 93.01464081WCIV
Wrangell Seaplane Base56.4683876N 132.3913269WCIV
Yakutat Seaplane Base59.56508636N 139.74111938WCIV
Yes Bay Lodge Seaplane Base (WYB)55.91498184N 131.79803467WCIV
Zachar Bay Seaplane Base (KZB)57.5530014N 153.74604797WCIV