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22 Fields found in Yemen. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aden International Airport (ADE/OYAA)12.8277998N 45.0306015ECIV/MIL
Al Anad Air Base13.17469978N 44.76509857EMIL
Al Badie Airport (OYBA)18.72153473N 50.83745575ECIV
Al Ghaydah Airport (AAY/OYGD)16.19169998N 52.17499924ECIV
Al-Bough Airport (OYBQ)17.34670067N 44.62170029ECIV
Al-Hazm Airport (OYZM)16.20057678N 44.78819275ECIV
As Salif Airport (OYSF)15.30000019N 42.68299866ECIV
Ataq Airport (AXK/OYAT)14.55130005N 46.82619858ECIV/MIL
Beihan Airport (BHN/OYBN)14.78199959N 45.7201004ECIV
Canoxy Airport15.60179996N 49.08069992ECIV
El Rahaba Airport (Sanaa International) (SAH/OYSN)15.47627735N 44.21963882ECIV/MIL
Hodeida International Airport (HOD/OYHD)14.75300026N 42.97629929ECIV/MIL
Ibb Airport (OYAB)16.01075363N 43.17811584ECIV
Kamaran Airport (KAM/ODKM)15.35941029N 42.61122131E
Mareb Airport (MYN/OYMB)15.46920013N 45.32690048ECIV
Mukalla International Airport (RIY/OYRN)14.66243362N 49.37538528ECIV/MIL
Qishn Airport (IHN/OYQN)15.41699982N 51.68299866ECIV
Sadah Airport (SYE/OYSH)16.96942139N 43.72879791ECIV
Seiyun Airport (GXF/OYSY)15.96609974N 48.78829956ECIV
Socotra International Airport (SCT/OYSQ)12.63070011N 53.90579987ECIV
Ta'izz International Airport (TAI/OYTZ)13.68599987N 44.13909912ECIV/MIL
Wadi Ain Airport (WDA)14.86699963N 45.54999924ECIV