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20 Airfields found in Zambia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Chingola Airport (CGJ)12.57281208S 27.89349365ECIV
Chinsali Airport (FLCS)10.53299999S 32.06700134ECIV
Chipata Airport (CIP/FLCP)13.55734062S 32.58694077ECIV
Kalabo Airport (KLB/FLKL)14.99883842S 22.64788818ECIV
Kasompe Airport (ZKP/FLKE)12.57279968S 27.89389992ECIV
Livingstone Airport (LVI/FLLI)17.82148743S 25.81713486ECIV
Luanshya Airport (FLLA)13.14312077S 28.42705917ECIV
Lusaka City Airport (FLLC)15.41392422S 28.33071136ECIV/MIL
Luwingu Airport (FLLG)10.2461977S 29.91368866E
Mansa Airport (MNS/FLMA)11.13813686S 28.87474632ECIV
Mbala Air Base (MMQ/FLBA)8.85806751S 31.33455467EMIL
Mfuwe Airport (MFU/FLMF)13.25889969S 31.93659973ECIV
Mongu Airport (MNR/FLMG)15.25483131S 23.16232109ECIV
Mumbwa Air Base15.07150173S 27.18725586EMIL
Ndola Airport (NLA/FLND)12.99776554S 28.66498566ECIV/MIL
Samfya Airport (FLYA)11.36563683S 29.54809952E
Solwezi Airport (SLI/FLSW)12.17365837S 26.36621666ECIV
Southdowns Airport (KIW/FLSO)12.9005003S 28.14990044ECIV
Waka Waka Airport (FLWW)12.42401886S 32.26886749ECIV
West Four Airport (FLWD)13.64519119S 25.42160034ECIV