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42 Unpaveds found in Zambia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Chocha Airport (FLCC)8.43174362S 29.80487061ECIV
East Eight Airport (FLEH)12.15022945S 29.43746948ECIV
East Five Airport (FLEE)10.53915977S 33.40647125ECIV
East One Airport (FLEA)11.63851643S 29.73701668ECIV
East Seven Airport (FLEG)12.37963009S 29.45252991ECIV
East Six Airport (FLEF)11.13584232S 30.01569748ECIV
East Three Airport (FLEC)14.11674595S 30.12924194ECIV
East Two Airport (FLEB)11.10836983S 30.35991478ECIV
Isoka Airport (FLIK)10.16110325S 32.65892029ECIV
Kabompo Airport (FLPO)13.57600021S 24.22999954ECIV
Kalengwa Airport (FLKG)13.47414207S 25.01409912ECIV
Kaoma Airport (KMZ/FLKO)14.79734516S 24.80814934ECIV
Kasaba Bay Airport (ZKB/FLKY)8.52304745S 30.66415787ECIV
Kasama Airport (KAA/FLKS)10.21357441S 31.12849426ECIV
Kasempa Airport (FLPA)13.43974876S 25.78561401ECIV
Katete Airport (FLAT)14.11846924S 32.06049347ECIV
Kawambwa Airport (FLKB)9.79856777S 29.09223557ECIV
Lukulu Airport (LXU/FLLK)14.37579727S 23.24885559ECIV
Lundazi Airport (FLLD)12.28499413S 33.18587112ECIV
Maamba Airport (FLMB)17.36712265S 27.18557549ECIV
Milliken Airport (FLKW)14.45080757S 28.37924385ECIV
Monze Airport (FLMO)16.28819084S 27.50549889ECIV
Mpika Airport (FLMP)11.89936829S 31.43457031ECIV
Mporokoso Airport (FLPK)9.3696661S 30.12830162ECIV
Mufulira Airport (FLML)12.56461334S 28.29507256ECIV
Mulobezi Airport (FLMU)16.77710915S 25.18557549ECIV
Mwinilunga Airport (FLMW)11.6533699S 24.42911148ECIV
Namwala Airport (FLNL)15.76694107S 26.43185616ECIV
Ngoma Airport (ZGM/FLNA)15.96613026S 25.93338585ECIV
Petauke Airport (FLPE)14.21689034S 31.22532463ECIV
Rosa Airport (FLRO)9.52670288S 31.2376709ECIV
Sakeji Airport (FLSJ)11.23606777S 24.3151989ECIV
Serenje Airport (FLSE)13.1981039S 30.23960876ECIV
Sesheke Airport (SJQ/FLSS)17.47633934S 24.30628967ECIV
Shiwa n'gandu Airport (FLSH)11.20106888S 31.75008774ECIV
West Five Airport (FLWE)13.9635334S 24.45993423ECIV
West One Airport (FLWA)12.8576622S 27.07097816ECIV
West Seven Airport (FLWG)11.91253185S 25.68285561ECIV
West Six Airport (FLWF)12.21837425S 27.4893837ECIV
West Three Airport (FLWC)13.3535881S 26.6003418ECIV
West Two Airport (FLWB)13.76239872S 27.52240753E
Zambezi Airport (BBZ/FLZB)13.5373106S 23.1085434ECIV