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American Champion 7 Citabria construction number list

Full type:
American Champion 7 Citabria
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Bellanca 7
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7ECA, 7GCAA, 7GCBC, 7KCAB, American Champion, Bellanca, Champion, Citabria
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The Citabria was developed in four versions (7ECA, 7GCAA, 7GCBC and 7KCAB) by Champion Aircraft in the 60ies. Each version had a construction number serie starting at 1. In order to distinguish between the series, each construction number is prefixed by the type, even though not always listed in official registers.
In the 70ies the line was continued by Bellanca with construction numbers getting a year suffix (starting in 1970). The different series only overlap for a few numbers, in which case a database specific suffix is used.
In the late 90ies the production was continued again by American Champion Aircraft, keeping the same series as Bellanca. For the 7GCBC there is an overlap with the sequence number. Bellanca ended at 1216 in 1984, while the new series started at 1200 in 1994.
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7ECA-1N9976YUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-2N9999YUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-3N11020United StatesCivil
7ECA-4N11024United StatesCivil
7ECA-6N11029United StatesCivil
7ECA-7N11025United StatesCivil
7ECA-8N9994YUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-9N11038United StatesCivil
7ECA-10N9521SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-11N11026United StatesCivil
7ECA-13N11027United StatesCivil
7ECA-14N11028United StatesCivil
7ECA-16N11054United StatesCivil
7ECA-17N11031United StatesCivil
7ECA-18N11032United StatesCivil
7ECA-19N11CBUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-21N11034United StatesCivil
7ECA-22N11037United StatesCivil
7ECA-23N11048United StatesCivil
7ECA-24N11042United StatesCivil
7ECA-26N11022United StatesCivil
7ECA-27N11040United StatesCivil
7ECA-28N11039United StatesCivil
7ECA-30N9580SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-32N11047United StatesCivil
7ECA-33N11070United StatesCivil
7ECA-34N2517FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-35N9593SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-36N11049United StatesCivil
7ECA-37N11051United StatesCivil
7ECA-39N9631SUnited StatesCivil
N11036United StatesCivil
7ECA-41N11033United StatesCivil
7ECA-42N11041United StatesCivil
7ECA-47N11043United StatesCivil
7ECA-48N73PCUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-50N11045United StatesCivil
7ECA-51N11071United StatesCivil
7ECA-52N11050United StatesCivil
7ECA-53N8313VUnited StatesCivil
N11030United StatesCivil
7ECA-55N11066United StatesCivil
7ECA-57N12028United StatesCivil
7ECA-58N408JNUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-59N9629SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-60N9535SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-61N11073United StatesCivil
7ECA-62N9564SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-63N11046United StatesCivil
7ECA-65N11064United StatesCivil
7ECA-66N11052United StatesCivil
7ECA-67N11060United StatesCivil
7ECA-68N669XUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-69N11057United StatesCivil
7ECA-70N11053United StatesCivil
7ECA-71N11059United StatesCivil
7ECA-72N2524FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-73N11061United StatesCivil
7ECA-74N1105BUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-77N11062United StatesCivil
7ECA-78N11063United StatesCivil
7ECA-79N11065United StatesCivil
7ECA-80N8376VUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-81N11067United StatesCivil
7ECA-82N9611SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-83N1960PUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-84N9562SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-85N8350VUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-86N11072United StatesCivil
7ECA-87N11074United StatesCivil
7ECA-88N11075United StatesCivil
7ECA-89N334SVUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-91N11077United StatesCivil
7ECA-92N11078United StatesCivil
7ECA-93N11177United StatesCivil
7ECA-94N11079United StatesCivil
7ECA-95N9523SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-97N11081United StatesCivil
7ECA-98N2ZZUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-99N11083United StatesCivil
7ECA-101N11094United StatesCivil
7ECA-102N323HUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-103N11086United StatesCivil
7ECA-104N11084United StatesCivil
7ECA-105N2598FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-106N11098United StatesCivil
7ECA-107N91FTUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-108N2553FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-109N11089United StatesCivil
7ECA-110N8388VUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-111N2592FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-112N9681SUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe