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American Champion 7 Citabria construction number list

Full type:
American Champion 7 Citabria
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Bellanca 7
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7ECA, 7GCAA, 7GCBC, 7KCAB, American Champion, Bellanca, Champion, Citabria
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The Citabria was developed in four versions (7ECA, 7GCAA, 7GCBC and 7KCAB) by Champion Aircraft in the 60ies. Each version had a construction number serie starting at 1. In order to distinguish between the series, each construction number is prefixed by the type, even though not always listed in official registers.
In the 70ies the line was continued by Bellanca with construction numbers getting a year suffix (starting in 1970). The different series only overlap for a few numbers, in which case a database specific suffix is used.
In the late 90ies the production was continued again by American Champion Aircraft, keeping the same series as Bellanca. For the 7GCBC there is an overlap with the sequence number. Bellanca ended at 1216 in 1984, while the new series started at 1200 in 1994.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

7ECA-114N11093United StatesCivil
7ECA-115N11095United StatesCivil
7ECA-116N11097United StatesCivil
7ECA-117N11099United StatesCivil
7ECA-118N5146TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-120N2512FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-121N2506FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-122N2507FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-123N2508FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-124N3057GUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-125N2510FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-126N2511FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-127N2505FUnited StatesCivil
N9513SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-129N2513FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-130N9650SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-131N2514FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-132N2515FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-133N2516FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-134N11055United StatesCivil
7ECA-135N2500FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-136N2518FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-137N2563FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-138N2520FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-139N5179TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-140N2501FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-141N2549FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-142N2522FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-143N2523FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-144N5140TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-145N6367NUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-146N2526FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-147N2527FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-148N2528FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-149N2529FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-150N2530FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-151N6349NUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-152N2502FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-153N2503FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-154N2532FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-155N2533FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-156N2534FUnited StatesCivil
N9508SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-159N2537FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-160N2538FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-161N202JJUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-162N11080United StatesCivil
7ECA-163N5174TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-164N2542FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-165N2543FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-166N2544FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-167N2545FUnited StatesCivil
N9637SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-169N9624SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-170N2811GUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-171N5167TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-172N2550FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-173N2551FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-174N2552FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-175N2559FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-176N9506SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-178N5164TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-179N8038WUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-182N555BJUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-185N2556FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-186N2557FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-187N9674SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-188N2558FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-189N5159TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-190N5160TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-191N2561FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-192N9581SUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-193N2593FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-194N6308NUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-196N8339VUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-197N8328VUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-198N111RYUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-199N5189TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-200N5119TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-201N2570FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-202N2571FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-203N2572FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-204N2573FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-205N2574FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-206N2575FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-207N6305NUnited StatesCivil
N5141TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-209N2578FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-210N2579FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-211N5199TUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-213N4324PUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-214N2583FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-215N2185JUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-216N2585FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-217N2586FUnited StatesCivil
7ECA-218N2587FUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe