Method: gnrl - type_list

Returns a list of system defined types by full type name. The first letter must be given on which the returned types are selected. Selection is on full name which includes the company name. If no first letter is given the default 'a' will be used.
Note that only system defined types are returned, user defined types cannot be retrieved.

Entry point:
Method name:
create an url with the url creator tool
Daily limit:
Weekly limit:
Monthly limit:
Authentication required:
Api key

Method parameters

firststringoptionalFirst letter of the types to be returned. If a string of multiple characters is given only the first letter is used. 'a' is the default value if nothing, or an non-letter character, is given. This value is not case sensitive.

Method response

Response formats available for this method: json, xml

{"types": [
    "main_type_id": "1661",
    "main_type_name": "Adam A500",
    "url": "http:\/\/\/adam_a500\/overview\/"
    "main_type_id": "127",
    "main_type_name": "Aeritalia G.222",
    "url": "http:\/\/\/aeritalia_g.222\/overview\/"
      <main_type_name>Adam A500</main_type_name>
      <main_type_name>Aeritalia G.222</main_type_name>