Method: wro - last_update

Get the date of the last update to a Wrecks and Relics location in each country. Optionally a date can be given as a parameter which will limit the return values to those countries that had updates since that date. Or, a geo name (country or state) can be given as a parameter and the last update for that geo will be returned only (and will ignore the date parameter).
Updates include all updates performed on the location (like name, coordinates, status etc), it does not include any updates performed on the linked planes, pictures or comments. Locations that are no longer current will be set to the status of 'removed', but will remain in the database. In isolated cases locations are completely deleted from the database, for example due to obvious duplicates. Deleted locations will not be considered in determining the last update.

Entry point:
Method name:
create an url with the url creator tool
Daily limit:
Weekly limit:
Monthly limit:
Authentication required:
Api key or user log in

Method parameters

country_namestringoptionalName of the country to check the last update for. Since date will be ignored if a country name is given.
sincedateoptionalDate after which updates have been made, can be any valid date format like '2016-02-01', '1 February 2016', etc.

Method response

Response formats available for this method: json, xml

{"countries": [
    "last_update": "2015-05-21 18:38:13",
    "country_name": "Afghanistan"
    "last_update": "2015-01-21 10:20:39",
    "country_name": "Albania"
      <last_update>2015-05-21 18:38:13</last_update>
      <last_update>2015-01-21 10:20:39</last_update>