Method: wro - locations_by_coordinates

Select all Wrecks and Relics location close to a given set of coordinates. All locations within a bounding box around the coordinates will be selected.
The radius parameter defines how large the bounding box will be. A value of 1 will draw a box the size of one degree, 2 will draw a box the size of one tenth of a degree, and so on. Due to the way coordinates are calculated, the bounding box near the equator will be larger than the bounding box around a set of coordinates near the poles.

Entry point:
Method name:
create an url with the url creator tool
Daily limit:
Weekly limit:
Monthly limit:
Authentication required:
Api key

Method parameters

latitudefloating pointLatitude, must be given in decimal notation, locations on northern hemisphere positive, locations on southern hemisphere negative.
longitudefloating pointLongitude, must be given in decimal notation, locations on eastern hemisphere positive, locations on western hemisphere negative.
radiusintegeroptionalRadius of bounding box between 1 and 5 (1=one degree size, 5=1/10.000 degree size). Default value is 3.

Method response

Response formats available for this method: json, xml, html

{"locations": [
    "url": "http:\/\/\/wro\/location\/9509\/",
    "location_name": "Stekene",
    "description": "Small prop",
    "lat": "51.343032836914",
    "lng": "4.305013561249",
    "country_name": "Belgium",
    "state_name": ""
    "url": "http:\/\/\/wro\/location\/6205\/",
    "location_name": "Veerle",
    "description": "F-104",
    "lat": "51.235569224638",
    "lng": "5.369779194103",
    "country_name": "Belgium",
    "state_name": ""
      <description>Small prop</description>