Method: wro - locations_by_country

Get all current Wrecks and Relics locations for given country. List is sorted by location name and includes the coordinates and link to location page on Spottingmode.

Entry point:
Method name:
create an url with the url creator tool
Daily limit:
Weekly limit:
Monthly limit:
Authentication required:
Api key

Method parameters

country_namestringThe name of the country to select the locations for.
numintegeroptionalTotal number of records to retrieve, default is 100, maximum is 500.
servicesarray of integersoptionalA comma separated list of services to select the locations on. 0=notset, 1=military, 2=civil, 3=military and civil, 4=unknown.
startintegeroptionalStart value for pagination, default is 0. Note that counting starts at 0, not 1.

Method response

Response formats available for this method: json, xml

{"locations": [
    "url": "http:\/\/\/wro\/location\/2424\/",
    "location_name": "Antwerpen - Stampe en Vertongen Museum",
    "description" :"Various",      
    "lat": "51.18963623",
    "lng": "4.45144606",
    "service": "Both",
    "num_photos": "0",
    "num_comments": "0",
    "num_planes": "1"
    "url": "http:\/\/\/wro\/location\/2426\/",
    "location_name": "Balen",
    "description": "CM.170 (not clearly visible)",
    "lat": "51.18441010",
    "lng": "5.19352913",
    "service": "Notset",
    "num_photos": "0",
    "num_comments": "0",
    "num_planes": "1"
    "pagination": {
      "start": 0,
      "num": 100,
      "totalrows": 60}
      <location_name>Antwerpen - Stampe en Vertongen Museum</location_name>
      <description>CM.170 (not clearly visible)</description>