Spottingmode API - access for developers and webmasters

The Spottingmode API is developed for webmasters and website developers to connect right into the core database of Spottingmode. The API allows you to link your own data to the Spottingmode data and create combined overviews, or to simply create a fast track to more information on your site.

The API is currently still under development and only a first set of methods is now available. However, more mehods and more entry points are planned, so do check back often to discover new ways of connecting. If you have specific requests for methods, then please get in touch through the contact page. The development of the API is greatly affected by requests from developers and every request will be evaluated for implementation.

Follow the links below to learn more about the possibilities of the Spottingmode API and how you can sign up for it. Every registered user can sign up, but access to the different API entry points is only possible for developers of free access websites.

  1. Sign up for the Spottingmode API
  2. Get started with the API
  3. Learn how to authenticate your calls to the API
  4. Find all needed info on all the API methods
  5. Understand how the API returns the requested data

Spottingmode API conditions

Make sure you also agree with the API conditions before signing up for the Spottingmode API. Violation of the conditions may result to your access to the API being revoked.

  1. The Spottingmode API is only intended to provide access to the data in the Spottingmode database for use on your website or mobile app. It is not allowed to use the access for private use, or to use it on websites that require a subscription fee.
  2. Data returned by the Spottingmode API may be stored on your webserver to reduce the need to make calls to the API, as well as to allow the linking of other information from your own database to it. However, it is not permitted to store any user specific data (including, but not limited to, comments and plane sightings) that may be included in the returned data. It will be clearly mentioned in the API documentation if a method returns any user specific data.
  3. When using data obtained through the Spottingmode API on a webpage, you must clearly display the following text with it, where "Spottingmode" must be a link to either,, or the start page of a specific app on Spottingmode:
    Powered by the Spottingmode API