Plane log app


Keeping a log of all your plane sightings has never been easier. Whether you are at an airport, travelling, plane spotting or just at home, with this app you can always check your log. Add new sightings, edit existing ones or check if you have just seen a new one. Online or offline!

The app is directly linked with the Spottingmode website and will regularly synchronize the data with the server. Your existing sightings will be downloaded from the server on first use, after that all changes made in the app, or on the website, will be synchronized.

The app is free and all features are available to all users. It does link to the Spottingmode database and a membership upgrade is required to insert sightings above a certain number.

With this app you will always know how successful the spotting was during any trip, at any time. You will have your log completed before you even start the journey home!

How to use


Login with your Spottingmode account to link up with your existing log on the website.

Viewing your log

Click on the grid icon in the menu bar to view a selection of your sightings. By default all sightings will be displayed without filtering, or ordering.

In the grid view, the data displayed per sightings depends on the width of the screen. On wider screens more columns will be displayed. Click on any sighting to display all data of that sighting and enable editing the sighting data.

Filtering and sorting sightings

View only selection of your sightings by filtering and ordering. Click on the grid with filter icon, and then on the + button at the bottom right. Then at the top, select either a new select rule, or a new sorting rule.

For a select rule, choose the column to select on, the operator and a value. To select on multiple values (for example for types the F-16A and F-16B) separate the values with a comma. Do not create two separate rules (one for F-16A and one for F-16B), because that would only select sightings with both values at the same time, which will result in no sightings.

Insert sightings

Click on the + icon in the menu bar to go to the insert form for new sightings. First enter a location by selecting one from the locations nearby, or by entering one manually, and the date of the new log. Next enter each individual sighting for that location and date.

Once all sightings have been entered for the given location and date, you can either finish the log completely, or change the location and/or date and continue entering sightings.

All unsaved data entered in the insert form will be stored between sessions. So even if you close the app while entering sightings, you can still continue with the same sighting when opened again.

Edit and delete

Sightings can be edited by selecting the sighting from the view grid. Click on the sighting to edit. The next screen will display all sighting data, click on the edit button to edit the data, or on the delete button to delete the sighting.

All fields of the sighting can be edited in the next screen. It is also possible to lookup plane information by registration if the device is online. Click on the save button to save all changes to the local database.

Changes will be saved on the server directly if the device is online, or as soon as the device comes online again. Note that if the same sighting is edited on different devices, or on the device and through the website, the last made changes will be saved. However, if the sighting is deleted, it will ultimately be deleted from all devices, no matter if changes were made to it later on a different device.

Sync with the server

All data in the app (including the sightings, but also airfield data, prefixes, countries etc) is regularly synced with the server. When the app is first installed it will first check with the server for the latest updates, as well as download all your already existing sightings. After that it will check with the server on a daily basis to see if more changes need to be downloaded, or uploaded.

Changes you make to the sightings on the device (insert, edit or delete) will be uploaded to the server at the earliest possibility. If the device is online it will be done immediately, otherwise as soon as the device comes online again. If you make changes to the same sighting from multiple devices, the last made changes will take affect and overrule the earlier made changes.

Besides the automatic syncs, it is also possible to perform a manual sync. Click on the "Data sync" menu item to go to the sync screen. This screen displays the last performed syncs and how many changes were made on the device that have not been sent to the server yet. Click on the sync button in the bottom right corner to perform a full sync with the server.

It is not needed to backup your data before installing the app on a new device (or reinstalling it on the same device). If possible, you should only make sure to sync all your latest changes to the server before removing the app. As long as a sync is performed after the last changes are made, a new install of the app will also receive the up to date set of sightings.

Check for new planes

To quickly check if you have a sighting for a given registration already, click on the search icon in the menu bar. Add the registration in the search input box and click on the search button. An info box will be shown underneath, either with no results, or with the number of sightings already in your database. Click on the info box to see more details of the sightings.

Note that the search function will only search for the exact same registration. Searching for "001" will therefore not find "01" or "0001".

To search for multiple registrations at the same time, separate the registrations with a comma. An info box will appear for each registration.