Plane database app


The plane database app gives you the possibility to search and view almost all information regarding plane records in the Spottingmode database. Although not a complete overview of all planes ever built and registered, the database contains over a million records and growing.

How to use


All features of the app can be used without signing up for an account with Spottingmode. However, if you are signed up and logged in through this app, all planes displayed will be linked to your own sightings in the Spottingmode database. This will allow for registration highlighting, which means planes you have seen will be highlighted in yellow.

View fleet lists

Fleets are defined by country, service and type. Any full fleet can be viewed through the fleets page. A fleet can be selected on any combination of the three fields mentioned, but obviously, not every combination will show results.

Published fleets are fleets that have been checked and which are generally complete and correct. These fleets are also visible on the website. In this app however, any fleet can be viewed. If not published it will be marked as such. Note however, that no information in the app can be guaranteed to be 100% correct, data can always be incorrect or missing.

Search for planes

All planes in the database can be freely searched, through a combination of fields. There is no limit to number of searches, or number of returned planes per search. A quick search option on registration only is available on the main page, or create a more detailed search filter on the search page.

The country, service and main type fields only except exact matches. Please select one of the suggested options shown while you type, in order to create a correct search filter. Any search value that is not in the suggestions will not result in any matches.

The registration, construction number and plane type fields allow for more free format input. You may enter any search value and choose whether to only select exact matches, or all planes for which the search value only partly matches (for example, enter CS-TT to get all TAP Airbus A319s).

View a single plane

Click on any of the search results, or any of the planes listed in a fleet list to view detailed info about the plane. This page shows all info in the database, including user sightings, Wrecks & Relics locations the plane is linked to and other registrations the plane is known to have worn. User sightings shows plane information as entered by the user, which may not use the same conventions as the data on the website.

The single plane detail page also provides an option to send in corrections in case you find any incorrect or missing data.