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Bede BD-4 construction number list

Full type:
Bede BD-4
Sort value:
BD- 4
Search aliasses:
BD 4, BD-4, BD.4, BD4
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1N624BDUnited StatesCivil
7N231BFUnited StatesCivil
009N2285PUnited StatesCivil
N81TRUnited StatesCivil
12N12BDUnited StatesCivil
N412JSUnited StatesCivil
15N22FJUnited StatesCivil
N666BLUnited StatesCivil
16N73JMUnited StatesCivil
18N18BDUnited StatesCivil
20N4082United StatesCivil
N420TSUnited StatesCivil
BD-21N4285United StatesCivil
N711JKUnited StatesCivil
22N22HJUnited StatesCivil
N68067United StatesCivil
23N46BDUnited StatesCivil
24N24SGUnited StatesCivil
25N1734United StatesCivil
N3332United StatesCivil
31N28674United StatesCivil
32N81JUnited StatesCivil
37N37RHUnited StatesCivil
N6576BUnited StatesCivil
42N14PBUnited StatesCivil
N5588United StatesCivil
44N175BDUnited StatesCivil
48N94BHUnited StatesCivil
51N51BDUnited StatesCivil
59N355LVUnited StatesCivil
N711JYUnited StatesCivil
68N999PPUnited StatesCivil
N475BDUnited StatesCivil
80N480BDUnited StatesCivil
N9762United StatesCivil
82N9VEUnited StatesCivil
84N84RLUnited StatesCivil
97N56BTUnited StatesCivil
101N2468ZUnited StatesCivil
114N5097AUnited StatesCivil
117N117CPUnited StatesCivil
118N711WLUnited StatesCivil
124N124BDUnited StatesCivil
126N126BDUnited StatesCivil
129N75JBUnited StatesCivil
130N9008SUnited StatesCivil
131N24DKUnited StatesCivil
133N133BDUnited StatesCivil
140N355RKUnited StatesCivil
147N147RBUnited StatesCivil
153N108BCUnited StatesCivil
156N156BDUnited StatesCivil
160N3398United StatesCivil
162N162BDUnited StatesCivil
163N163BDUnited StatesCivil
164N164BGUnited StatesCivil
165N9286United StatesCivil
168N99CCUnited StatesCivil
171N1131NUnited StatesCivil
173N9625United StatesCivil
178N264DRUnited StatesCivil
180N122VCUnited StatesCivil
182N44WAUnited StatesCivil
184N184BDUnited StatesCivil
197N2824United StatesCivil
199N35PGUnited StatesCivil
203N203WCUnited StatesCivil
205N44BDUnited StatesCivil
207N440BDUnited StatesCivil
215N215BDUnited StatesCivil
221N20JTUnited StatesCivil
222N222HSUnited StatesCivil
223N223LWUnited StatesCivil
226N226HCUnited StatesCivil
230N80NAUnited StatesCivil
235N65100United StatesCivil
238N238BDUnited StatesCivil
239N239CPUnited StatesCivil
241N29200United StatesCivil
245N111CMUnited StatesCivil
BD251N401BDUnited StatesCivil
251AN919CVUnited StatesCivil
265N265BDUnited StatesCivil
267N267EHUnited StatesCivil
269N610DDUnited StatesCivil
272N70RDUnited StatesCivil
274N39FEUnited StatesCivil
284N445BUnited StatesCivil
293N293TWUnited StatesCivil
296N296MWUnited StatesCivil
297N297BDUnited StatesCivil
298N22LFUnited StatesCivil
310N481LUnited StatesCivil
313N10GBUnited StatesCivil
314N4542United StatesCivil
315N48TMUnited StatesCivil
316N455ADUnited StatesCivil
318N318RBUnited StatesCivil
325N325BDUnited StatesCivil
327N111LRUnited StatesCivil
328N328RSUnited StatesCivil
333N11DVUnited StatesCivil
342N1HNUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe