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Bede BD-5 construction number list

Full type:
Bede BD-5
Sort value:
BD- 5
Search aliasses:
BD 5, BD-5, BD.5, BD5, Micro
C/n known:
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Almost all are homebuilts, with many construction numbers not in any particular series. Kit numbers are often registered with an additional prefix or suffix, which is listed where known. Within lower kit numbers there are some doubles which can be identified by the subtype and in some cases a database suffix is needed to distinguish between the different subtypes. Listing also includes the jet powered BD-5J which is a micro jet.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1N500BDUnited StatesCivilpre
5J-0001N5BDUnited StatesCivil
5S-0001N504BDUnited StatesCivil
2N501BDUnited StatesCivil
5J-0002N152BDUnited StatesCivil
5-0003N502BDUnited StatesCivil
5J-0003N151BDUnited StatesCivil
5-0004N503BDUnited StatesCivil
5J-0004N210LLUnited StatesCivil
N150BDUnited StatesCivil
5J-0006N154BDUnited StatesCivil
5J-0007N155BDUnited StatesCivil
0010BN177RBUnited StatesCivil
0011N575JUnited StatesCivil
012N99775United StatesCivil
13N13SLUnited StatesCivil
N45DHUnited StatesCivil
0014N68DSUnited StatesCivil
15N334RMUnited StatesCivil
15{B}N61ALUnited StatesCivil
5-15{G}N515BDUnited StatesCivil
15{J}N575JUnited StatesCivil
17N4VYUnited StatesCivil
19N6782FUnited StatesCivil
21N527United StatesCivil
22N2TRUnited StatesCivil
22{B}N522PRUnited StatesCivil
29N169DSUnited StatesCivil
33N33BDUnited StatesCivil
47N47BDUnited StatesCivil
58N56JJUnited StatesCivil
59N69GUnited StatesCivil
71N6269PUnited StatesCivil
73N5720United StatesCivil
73{B}N5694United StatesCivil
92N92EEUnited StatesCivil
101N3855United StatesCivil
101{B}N75BDUnited StatesCivil
118N61TCUnited StatesCivil
119N119DGUnited StatesCivil
120N6926United StatesCivil
122N5HDUnited StatesCivil
124N111BDUnited StatesCivil
135N108CUnited StatesCivil
160N97BDUnited StatesCivil
164N989BDUnited StatesCivil
170N3247UUnited StatesCivil
179N179BDUnited StatesCivil
186N186BDUnited StatesCivil
196N32VMUnited StatesCivil
206N14GBUnited StatesCivil
214N214JGUnited StatesCivil
218N5RPUnited StatesCivil
224N224EUnited StatesCivil
235N235WBUnited StatesCivil
238N52BDUnited StatesCivil
245TN885BDUnited StatesCivil
266N5746United StatesCivil
300N300RDUnited StatesCivil
328N5GRUnited StatesCivil
341N25EGUnited StatesCivil
341{B}N44123United StatesCivil
374N6393United StatesCivil
403N411RUnited StatesCivil
411N411TUnited StatesCivil
416N777TKUnited StatesCivil
TWON405RMUnited StatesCivil
424N24RSUnited StatesCivil
427N465ARUnited StatesCivil
452N15BWUnited StatesCivil
465N469HFUnited StatesCivil
472N472MAUnited StatesCivil
474N515KHUnited StatesCivil
490N1338United StatesCivil
515N9478United StatesCivil
520N54ZGUnited StatesCivil
524N15GTUnited StatesCivil
533N533BDUnited StatesCivil
537N35NUnited StatesCivil
542N542BDUnited StatesCivil
561N1KJUnited StatesCivil
582N55BSUnited StatesCivil
612N612BDUnited StatesCivil
617N617PSUnited StatesCivil
629N50TXUnited StatesCivil
634N634BDUnited StatesCivil
643N9860United StatesCivil
645N8JJUnited StatesCivil
670N146TDUnited StatesCivil
673N8065VUnited StatesCivil
769N57BDUnited StatesCivil
788N96TPUnited StatesCivil
804N5GWUnited StatesCivil
810N10BUnited StatesCivil
826N104DWUnited StatesCivil
849N727BDUnited StatesCivil
886N777JTUnited StatesCivil
892N500KLUnited StatesCivil
897N25BDUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe