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Bell H-1 Huey construction number list

Full type:
Bell H-1 Huey
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H- 1
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AB.204, AB.205, AB204, AB205, B.204, B.205, B.214, B204, B205, B214, CH-118, H-1, H-118, Hkp-3, Huey, Iroquois, UH-1
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The bulk of the more than 11.000 Hueys were built in the USA.
German built examples range from c/n 8001 up to 8504 (with the last doubles for US built examples and therefore with a {D} suffix).
Italian built are in the 3xxx and 4xxx ranges with a {AB} suffix to distinguish them from US built examples.
The Japanese built are 1Hxx, 1Jxx, CHxx and MHxx ranges.
118 frames built in Taiwan have construction numbers 18xxx.
This list still misses large numbers of the airframes built for the civilian market.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

155-4459United StatesArmypre
255-4460United StatesArmy
355-4461United StatesArmy
456-6723United StatesArmypre
556-6724United StatesArmy
656-6725United StatesArmy
756-6726United StatesArmy
856-6727United StatesArmy
956-6728United StatesArmy
1057-6095United StatesArmy
1157-6096United StatesArmy
1257-6097United StatesArmy
1357-6098United StatesArmy
1457-6099United StatesArmy
1557-6100United StatesArmy
1657-6101United StatesArmy
1757-6102United StatesArmy
1857-6103United StatesArmy
1958-2078United StatesArmy
2058-2079United StatesArmy
N93066United StatesCivil
2158-2080United StatesArmy
2258-2081United StatesArmy
2358-2082United StatesArmy
2458-2083United StatesArmy
2558-2084United StatesArmy
2658-2085United StatesArmy
2758-2086United StatesArmy
2858-2087United StatesArmy
2958-2088United StatesArmy
3058-2089United StatesArmy
3158-2090United StatesArmy
3258-2091United StatesArmypre
3358-2092United StatesArmy
3458-2093United StatesArmy
3558-3017United StatesArmy
3658-3018United StatesArmy
3758-3019United StatesArmy
3858-3020United StatesArmy
3958-3021United StatesArmy
4058-3022United StatesArmy
4158-3023United StatesArmy
4258-3024United StatesArmy
4358-3025United StatesArmy
4458-3026United StatesArmy
4558-3027United StatesArmy
4658-3028United StatesArmy
4758-3029United StatesArmy
4858-3030United StatesArmy
4958-3031United StatesArmy
5058-3032United StatesArmy
5158-3033United StatesArmy
5258-3034United StatesArmy
5358-3035United StatesArmy
5458-3036United StatesArmy
5558-3037United StatesArmy
5658-3038United StatesArmy
5758-3039United StatesArmy
N707FWUnited StatesCivil
5858-3040United StatesArmy
5958-3041United StatesArmy
6058-3042United StatesArmy
6158-3043United StatesArmy
6258-3044United StatesArmy
6358-3045United StatesArmy
6458-3046United StatesArmy
6558-3047United StatesArmy
6659-01607United StatesArmy
6759-01608United StatesArmy
6859-01609United StatesArmy
6959-01610United StatesArmy
7059-01611United StatesArmy
7159-01612United StatesArmy
7259-01613United StatesArmy
7359-01614United StatesArmy
7459-01615United StatesArmy
7559-01616United StatesArmy
7659-01617United StatesArmy
7759-01618United StatesArmy
7859-01619United StatesArmy
7959-01620United StatesArmy
8059-01621United StatesArmypre
8159-01622United StatesArmy
8259-01623United StatesArmy
8359-01624United StatesArmy
8459-01625United StatesArmypre
8559-01626United StatesArmy
8659-01627United StatesArmy
8759-01628United StatesArmy
8859-01629United StatesArmy
8959-01630United StatesArmy
9059-01631United StatesArmy
9159-01632United StatesArmystd
9259-01633United StatesArmy
9359-01634United StatesArmy
9459-01635United StatesArmy
9559-01636United StatesArmy
9659-01637United StatesArmy
9759-01638United StatesArmy
9859-01639United StatesArmy
9959-01640United StatesArmy
10059-1641United StatesArmypre
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe