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Bellanca 14-7 Junior construction number list

Full type:
Bellanca 14-7 Junior
Sort value:
Bellanca 14- 7
Search aliasses:
Bellanca 14-10, Bellanca 14-12, Bellanca 14-7, Bellanca 14-9, Junior
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1001NX19195United StatesCivil
1002NC19195United StatesCivil
1003NC19196United StatesCivil
1004NC19197United StatesCivil
1005NC15690United StatesCivil
1006N15691United StatesCivil
1008NC25187United StatesCivil
1009NC25188United StatesCivil
1010NC25189United StatesCivil
1011N25190United StatesCivil
1013N25192United StatesCivil
1014N25193United StatesCivil
1015NC25194United StatesCivil
1016N25195United StatesCivil
1019NS129United StatesCivil
1021NC25199United StatesCivil
1027N25305United StatesCivil
1029N130EUnited StatesCivil
NS130United StatesCivil
1031N25309United StatesCivil
1032NC25310United StatesCivil
1034NC25312United StatesCivil
1035NC25313United StatesCivil
1036N25314United StatesCivil
1037N1KQUnited StatesCivilpre
NC25325United StatesCivil
1038NC25316United StatesCivil
1039NX25307United StatesCivil
1040NC25311United StatesCivil
1041N28971United StatesCivil
1042NX28972United StatesCivil
1043NC28973United StatesCivil
1044NC28974United StatesCivil
1045NC28975United StatesCivil
1046NC28976United StatesCivil
1047NC28977United StatesCivil
1048NC28978United StatesCivil
1049NC28979United StatesCivil
1050N28980United StatesCivil
1051NC28981United StatesCivil
1052NC28982United StatesCivil
1053NC28983United StatesCivil
1054NC28984United StatesCivil
1055NC28985United StatesCivil
1056NC28986United StatesCivil
1057NC28987United StatesCivil
1058NC28988United StatesCivil
1059NC28989United StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe