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CallAir Model A construction number list

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CallAir Model A
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CallAir, Model A
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1N27261United StatesCivil
2N26500United StatesCivil
3N34839United StatesCivil
4N34840United StatesCivil
5N34841United StatesCivil
6N33350United StatesCivil
7N33351United StatesCivil
8N33352United StatesCivil
109N33353United StatesCivil
110N33354United StatesCivil
111N33355United StatesCivil
112N33356United StatesCivil
113N33357United StatesCivil
N33358United StatesCivil
115N33359United StatesCivil
116N4118YUnited StatesCivil
117N2901VUnited StatesCivil
118N2902VUnited StatesCivil
119N2903VUnited StatesCivil
120N2904VUnited StatesCivil
121N2905VUnited StatesCivil
122NC2906VUnited StatesCivilpre
123N2907VUnited StatesCivilpre
124N2908VUnited StatesCivil
125N2909VUnited StatesCivil
126N2910VUnited StatesCivil
127N2911VUnited StatesCivil
128N2912VUnited StatesCivil
129N2913VUnited StatesCivil
130N2914VUnited StatesCivil
131N2915VUnited StatesCivil
132N2916VUnited StatesCivil
133N2917VUnited StatesCivil
134N2918VUnited StatesCivil
135N27NUnited StatesCivil
136N2921VUnited StatesCivil
137N6028CUnited StatesCivil
141N6027CUnited StatesCivil
142N6029CUnited StatesCivil
143N6030CUnited StatesCivil
144N6031CUnited StatesCivil
145N6032CUnited StatesCivil
146N6033CUnited StatesCivil
147N6034CUnited StatesCivil
148N6035CUnited StatesCivil
149N6036CUnited StatesCivil
150N6037CUnited StatesCivil
151N6038CUnited StatesCivil
152N6039CUnited StatesCivil
153N6040CUnited StatesCivil
N6041CUnited StatesCivil
155N6042CUnited StatesCivil
156N6043CUnited StatesCivil
157N6044CUnited StatesCivil
158N6045CUnited StatesCivil
159N6046CUnited StatesCivil
160N6147CUnited StatesCivil
161N6148CUnited StatesCivil
162N6149CUnited StatesCivil
163N6150CUnited StatesCivil
164N6151CUnited StatesCivil
165N6152CUnited StatesCivil
166N6153CUnited StatesCivil
167N6154CUnited StatesCivil
168N6155CUnited StatesCivil
169N6156CUnited StatesCivil
170N6157CUnited StatesCivil
171N6158CUnited StatesCivil
172N6159CUnited StatesCivil
173N6160CUnited StatesCivil
174N6161CUnited StatesCivil
175N6162CUnited StatesCivil
176N6163CUnited StatesCivil
177N6164CUnited StatesCivil
178N6165CUnited StatesCivil
179N6166CUnited StatesCivil
180N7575CUnited StatesCivil
181N7576CUnited StatesCivil
182N7577CUnited StatesCivil
183N7578CUnited StatesCivil
184N7579CUnited StatesCivil
185N7580CUnited StatesCivil
186N7581CUnited StatesCivil
187N7582CUnited StatesCivil
188N7583CUnited StatesCivil
189N7584CUnited StatesCivil
190N7585CUnited StatesCivil
191N7586CUnited StatesCivil
192N7587CUnited StatesCivil
193N7588CUnited StatesCivil
194N7589CUnited StatesCivil
195N7590CUnited StatesCivil
196N7591CUnited StatesCivil
197N7592CUnited StatesCivil
198N7593CUnited StatesCivil
199N7594CUnited StatesCivil
200N7595CUnited StatesCivil
201N7596CUnited StatesCivil
202N7597CUnited StatesCivil
203N7598CUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe