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Cessna 150 construction number list

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Cessna 150
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Aerobat, Ce.150, Ce150, Commuter, FRA.150, FRA150, Patroller
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The Cessna 150 was built in four different series. The regular ones and A150 by Cessna and the F150 and FA150 (including FRA150) by Reims in France. In order to distinguish between the different series, the F150 and FA150 need a database specific suffix:
  • {F} for Ce.F150
  • {FA} for Ce.FA150 and Ce.FRA150
The database will also recognize other common notations of F.0001, F150-0001 and 0001.F
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

617N34258United StatesCivil
628N34268United StatesCivil
644N5420EUnited StatesCivil
649N3763CUnited StatesCivil
2001-1N49DRUnited StatesCivil
17001N5501EUnited StatesCivil
17002N5502EUnited StatesCivil
N5503EUnited StatesCivil
17004N103SGUnited StatesCivil
17005N5505EUnited StatesCivil
17006N5506EUnited StatesCivil
17007N5507EUnited StatesCivil
17008N13388United StatesCivil
17009N5509EUnited StatesCivil
17010N5510EUnited StatesCivil
17011N5511EUnited StatesCivil
N5512EUnited StatesCivil
17013N5513EUnited StatesCivil
17014N5514EUnited StatesCivil
17015N5515EUnited StatesCivil
17016N5516EUnited StatesCivil
17017N5517EUnited StatesCivil
17018N5518EUnited StatesCivil
17019N5519EUnited StatesCivil
17020N5520EUnited StatesCivil
17021N5521EUnited StatesCivil
17022N5522EUnited StatesCivil
17023N5523EUnited StatesCivil
17024N5524EUnited StatesCivil
17025N5525EUnited StatesCivil
17026N5526EUnited StatesCivil
N5527EUnited StatesCivil
17028N5528EUnited StatesCivil
17029N5529EUnited StatesCivil
N5530EUnited StatesCivil
17031N5531EUnited StatesCivil
17032N5532EUnited StatesCivil
17033N5533EUnited StatesCivil
17034N13488United StatesCivil
17035N5535EUnited StatesCivil
N5536EUnited StatesCivil
N7385XUnited StatesCivil
17037N5537EUnited StatesCivil
17038N5538EUnited StatesCivil
17039N5539EUnited StatesCivil
17040N5540EUnited StatesCivil
17041N5541EUnited StatesCivil
17042N5542EUnited StatesCivil
17043N5543EUnited StatesCivil
17044N5544EUnited StatesCivil
17045N5545EUnited StatesCivil
17046N5546EUnited StatesCivil
17047N5547EUnited StatesCivil
17048N5548EUnited StatesCivil
17049N5549EUnited StatesCivil
17050N5550EUnited StatesCivil
17051N5551EUnited StatesCivil
17052N80DTUnited StatesCivil
17053N5553EUnited StatesCivil
17054N5554EUnited StatesCivil
17055N5555EUnited StatesCivil
17056N5556EUnited StatesCivil
17057N377EUnited StatesCivil
17058N5558EUnited StatesCivil
17059N5559EUnited StatesCivil
17060N5560EUnited StatesCivil
17061N5561EUnited StatesCivil
17062N5562EUnited StatesCivil
17063N5563EUnited StatesCivil
17064N5564EUnited StatesCivil
17065N5565EUnited StatesCivil
17066N5566EUnited StatesCivil
17067N5567EUnited StatesCivil
17068N5568EUnited StatesCivil
17069N5569EUnited StatesCivil
17070N5570EUnited StatesCivil
17071N5571EUnited StatesCivil
17072N5572EUnited StatesCivil
17073N5573EUnited StatesCivil
17074N13588United StatesCivil
17075N5575EUnited StatesCivil
17076N5576EUnited StatesCivil
N5577EUnited StatesCivil
17078N5578EUnited StatesCivil
17079N5579EUnited StatesCivil
17080N5580EUnited StatesCivil
17081N5581EUnited StatesCivil
17082N5582EUnited StatesCivil
N5583EUnited StatesCivil
17084N5584EUnited StatesCivil
17085N5585EUnited StatesCivil
17086N5586EUnited StatesCivil
17087N583United StatesCivil
17088N5588EUnited StatesCivil
17089N5589EUnited StatesCivil
17090N5590EUnited StatesCivil
17091N5591EUnited StatesCivil
17092N5592EUnited StatesCivil
N5593EUnited StatesCivil
17094N514RAUnited StatesCivil
17095N5595EUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe