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Cessna 172 Skyhawk construction number list

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Cessna 172 Skyhawk
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Ce.172, Ce172, FR.172, FR172, Mescalero, Skyhawk, T-41
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The Cessna 172 was built in seven different series. The regular ones and the P172, R172, 172RG and 172S by Cessna and the F172 and FR172 by Reims in France. In order to distinguish between the different series, the F172 and FR172 need a database specific suffix:
  • {F} for Ce.F172
  • {FR} for Ce.FR172
The database will also recognize other common notations of F.0001, F172-0001 and 0001.F
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

610N41783United StatesCivil
612N41768United StatesCivil
615N1295United StatesCivil
622N34261United StatesCivil
625N34264United StatesCivil
630N34270United StatesCivil
638N3761CUnited StatesCivil
639N5415EUnited StatesCivil
650N5416EUnited StatesCivil
660N3765CUnited StatesCivil
680N7186CUnited StatesCivil
690N7190CUnited StatesCivil
691N7191CUnited StatesCivil
28000N5000AUnited StatesCivil
28001N5001AUnited StatesCivil
28002N5002AUnited StatesCivil
28003N5003AUnited StatesCivil
28004N5004AUnited StatesCivil
28005N5005AUnited StatesCivil
28006N5006AUnited StatesCivil
28007N5007AUnited StatesCivil
N5008AUnited StatesCivil
28009N5009AUnited StatesCivil
28010N5010AUnited StatesCivil
28011N5011AUnited StatesCivil
28012N5012AUnited StatesCivil
28013N5013AUnited StatesCivil
28014N5014AUnited StatesCivil
28015N5015AUnited StatesCivil
28016N5016AUnited StatesCivil
28017N5017AUnited StatesCivil
28018N5018AUnited StatesCivil
28019N5019AUnited StatesCivil
28020N5020AUnited StatesCivil
28021N5021AUnited StatesCivil
28022N5022AUnited StatesCivil
28023N5023AUnited StatesCivil
28024N5024AUnited StatesCivil
28025N5025AUnited StatesCivil
28026N5072AUnited StatesCivil
N810WMUnited StatesCivil
28027N5027AUnited StatesCivil
28028N5028AUnited StatesCivil
28029N5029AUnited StatesCivil
28030N5030AUnited StatesCivil
28031N5031AUnited StatesCivil
28032N5032AUnited StatesCivil
28033N5033AUnited StatesCivil
28034N5034AUnited StatesCivil
28035N5035AUnited StatesCivil
28036N5036AUnited StatesCivil
28037N5037AUnited StatesCivil
28039N5039AUnited StatesCivil
28040N5040AUnited StatesCivil
28041N5041AUnited StatesCivil
28042N5042AUnited StatesCivil
28043N5043AUnited StatesCivil
28044N5044AUnited StatesCivil
28045N5045AUnited StatesCivil
28046N5046AUnited StatesCivil
28047N5047AUnited StatesCivil
28048N5048AUnited StatesCivil
28049N5049AUnited StatesCivil
28050N5050AUnited StatesCivil
28051N5051AUnited StatesCivil
28052N5052AUnited StatesCivil
28053N5053AUnited StatesCivil
28054N5054AUnited StatesCivil
28055N5055AUnited StatesCivil
28056N5056AUnited StatesCivil
28057N5057AUnited StatesCivil
28058N5058AUnited StatesCivil
28059N5059AUnited StatesCivil
28060N5060AUnited StatesCivil
28061N5061AUnited StatesCivil
28062N5062AUnited StatesCivil
28063N5063AUnited StatesCivil
28064N5064AUnited StatesCivil
28065N5065AUnited StatesCivil
28066N5066AUnited StatesCivil
28067N5067AUnited StatesCivil
28068N5068AUnited StatesCivil
28069N5069AUnited StatesCivil
28070N5070AUnited StatesCivil
28071N5071AUnited StatesCivil
28072N5072AUnited StatesCivil
28073N5073AUnited StatesCivil
28074N5074AUnited StatesCivil
N131SFUnited StatesCivil
N5076AUnited StatesCivil
28077N5077AUnited StatesCivil
28078N5078AUnited StatesCivil
28079N5079AUnited StatesCivil
28080N5080AUnited StatesCivil
28081N5081AUnited StatesCivil
28082N5082AUnited StatesCivil
N5083AUnited StatesCivil
28084N5084AUnited StatesCivil
28085N5085AUnited StatesCivil
28086N5086AUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe