cookie policy

Spottingmode uses cookies for a number of tasks. All cookies that are set by Spottingmode are needed to operate the website as intended. These are listed below with the functionality these are needed for:

Cookie name Functionality
cookie_consent Cookie set as soon as the user gives consent for the third party cookies. Contains the date and time of the click on the button and will be renewed each time a page is visited. So yes, another cookis used to record the consent for using cookies, the irony.
PHPSESSID and psli Cookie containing a unique code to be able to identify the current session. This cookie is needed to allow a user to login and view and edit personal data. Removing this cookie will log the user out, blocking this cookie will mean the user cannot be logged in anymore at all.
ocpp Cookie used by the online personal aircraft database to remember the setting for the number of records per page. Removing or blocking this cookie will mean the number of records will always return to the default value.
dltk Temporary cookie to mark a download being ready. This cookie has a very short lifespan (few minutes). Removing or blocking this cookie may mean downloads cannot be completed.
ocsl Cookie used by the online personal aircraft database to remember the lock status of the fields on the insert form. Will only be stored if this option has been activated on the settings page. Removing or blocking this cookie will mean the insert form will always be loaded with empty and unlocked fields.

Furthermore, Spottingmode uses a couple of plugins and services from third party websites that may or may not install cookies. These cookies are the responsibility of the third parties. For more information about these cookies, and the options to allow or disallow their use, please visit the following websites:

As of April 2023, Spottingmode is also forced to ask for consent to install cookies. Not so much for the Spottingmode cookies itself, but for the use of the above mentioned third party websites. Unfortunately, we can no longer do it without the annoying question and necessary consent. We do want to keep this is simple and non-intrusive as possible and will only ask once, or when the original consent cookie was removed from the system.

For more info about the sense and non-sense of the cookie consent systems: Vox article from 2019.