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Culver Dart construction number list

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Culver Dart
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

G35-1NC11791United StatesCivil
G-2NC18064United StatesCivil
G-3NC18065United StatesCivil
NC18066United StatesCivil
G-5NC20401United StatesCivil
G-6NC18443United StatesCivil
G-7NC18449United StatesCivil
GK-8NC20990United StatesCivil
G-9NC20991United StatesCivil
G-10NC20992United StatesCivil
G-11N20993United StatesCivilpre
G-12NC20994United StatesCivil
G-14NC20996United StatesCivil
GK-15NC20995United StatesCivil
G-16NC20997United StatesCivil
GK-17NC20998United StatesCivil
GK-18NC20999United StatesCivil
GK-19NC20910United StatesCivil
GW-20NC20911United StatesCivil
GW-21NC20913United StatesCivil
G-22NC20914United StatesCivil
GW-23NX20912United StatesCivil
GK-24NC20915United StatesCivil
GW-25NC20916United StatesCivil
G-26NC20917United StatesCivil
GW-27NC20918United StatesCivil
GW-28NC20919United StatesCivil
GK-29NC20920United StatesCivil
GK-30NC20921United StatesCivil
GK-31NC20922United StatesCivil
GK-32NC20923United StatesCivil
GK-33NC20924United StatesCivil
GK-34NC20930United StatesCivil
GW-35NC20931United StatesCivil
GK-36N1137United StatesCivil
NC20932United StatesCivil
GK-37NC20933United StatesCivil
GK-38NC20934United StatesCivil
GK-39NC20935United StatesCivil
GK-40NC20936United StatesCivil
GW-41NX20937United StatesCivil
GK-42NC20938United StatesCivil
GK-43NC20939United StatesCivil
GW-44N7066WUnited StatesCivil
NC20940United StatesCivil
GK-45NC20941United StatesCivil
GK-46NC20942United StatesCivil
GK-47NC20943United StatesCivil
GK-48NC20944United StatesCivil
GK-49NC20945United StatesCivil
GK-50NC20947United StatesCivil
GC-61N31689United StatesCivil
GC-63N31690United StatesCivil
GC-64N4HMUnited StatesCivilpre
GC-66N31692United StatesCivil
GC-67N31693United StatesCivil
GC-69N31695United StatesCivil
GC-70NC31696United StatesCivil
GC-71N31697United StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe