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Douglas DC-3 Dakota

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Douglas DC-3 Dakota
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DC- 3
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BT-67, C-117, C-41, C-47, C-48, C-49, C-50, C-51, C-52, C-53, C-68, C-84, CC-129, CT-129, Dakota, DC-3, R4D, Skytrain, Skytrooper, Tp-79, TS-62, TS-82
Produced in:
United States
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A number of construction batches, produced by the Douglas Oklahoma City plant, were assigned incorrect construction numbers. These were later replaced by their correctly assigned numbers. This error resulted in large numbers of C-47s with two construction numbers. Only one of which is the correct one. These are often quoted with both numbers, however, not on this site. The incorrect numbers are not quoted. Sightings may use the double numbers, as long as the incorrect (lower) number is used first (e.g.: 16769/33517). With that notation the system will be able to find the correct number and link the sighting to the correct plane.
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