Spottingmode download options

Serial books

Create your own serial books with the published fleet lists. Each serial book will come with the planes marked for which you have sightings in the plane log database. And with the option to save your created serial books, you can download a new version at any time and always with your most recent sightings already resulting in marked planes. All downloads in pdf format.

Create and download a custom serial book

Production run downs

Download a full production run down for selected types. All types that have published construction numbers on this website are available. The list contains all known construction numbers and all known registrations. Download is in pdf and comes with registration highlighting based on the sightings you have in the database.

Select a type and download the production run down

Wrecks & Relics

Download the Wrecks & Relics locations as available on this site. Select by country and type (mil/civ). Download in a kmz file to load into earth browsers like Google Earth, or in a poi file to load into your navigation device. Easiest way to find every location on your next trip.

Select and download Wrecks and Relics locations


Airfields can be downloaded per country. A download button is available on each country overview page. A more flexible option will be coming soon, where airfields in multiple countries can be selected and downloaded at once.

Go to the list page, select a country and download

User collections

Download your own collections of W&R locations and airfields. Add any number of them and download as one kmz file.

Go to collections