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Druine D.31 Turbulent construction number list

Full type:
Druine D.31 Turbulent
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D 31, D-31, D.31, D31, Druine, Rollason, Turbulent
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Production run downYour sightings by construction number
000060140257378N19AACA/40PFA 509PFA 579PFA 1658
0161141269379AACA/W-143AACA/1009PFA 510PFA 580PFA 1661
02701422723849708-3421{CEHZ}PFA 511PFA 581PFA 1662
0380150274395BV 1PFA 161PFA 512PFA 586PFA 1663
058415228240901{EC}PFA 163PFA 513PFA 588PFA 048-10212
19015628341401{ES}PFA 404PFA 533PFA 590PFA 048-10367
293160287493HL 0001PFA 417-1CMPFA 544PFA 595PFA 048-10438
396165289577JM-2PFA 432PFA 545PFA 1600PFA 048-10614
4105166300100601{LP}PFA 439PFA 546PFA 1601PFA 048-10681
71061673031010PB-1PFA 440PFA 550PFA 1604PFA 048-10789
131071823161012001{ZK}PFA 472PFA 552PFA 1610PFA 048-10964
1611020032510250001{ZU}PFA 478PFA 553PFA 1611PFA 048-11419
241152013281382AES1PFA 479PFA 554PFA 1615PFA 048-11513
261182073291660BCS 154-2PFA 480PFA 561PFA 1620PFA 048-13170
31119221331218751{CPC}PFA 481PFA 562PFA 1621LAA 048-15494
4612422233488-02/329JEP 1PFA 482PFA 563PFA 1623
49128223338A-27001{LVW}PFA 497PFA 564PFA 1633
52130236356A-88RAE/100PFA 502PFA 565PFA 1647
551312453589/15RAE/101PFA 505PFA 568PFA 1649
58136248359D31-011{SBJ}PFA 506PFA 573PFA 1652
59139249363F 396AACA/14PFA 508PFA 578PFA 1653