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Grob G-120 construction number list

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Grob G-120
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G-120, G.120, G120, Prefect
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

11002LD-1201IndonesiaAir Force
11003LD-1202IndonesiaAir Force
11004LD-1203IndonesiaAir Force
11005LD-1204IndonesiaAir Force
11006LD-1205IndonesiaAir Force
11007LD-1206IndonesiaAir Force
11008LD-1207IndonesiaAir Force
11009LD-1208IndonesiaAir Force
11010LD-1209IndonesiaAir Force
11011LD-1210IndonesiaAir Force
11012LD-1211IndonesiaAir Force
11013LD-1212IndonesiaAir Force
11014LD-1213IndonesiaAir Force
11015LD-1214IndonesiaAir Force
11016LD-1215IndonesiaAir Force
11017LD-1216IndonesiaAir Force
11018LD-1217IndonesiaAir Force
11019LD-1218IndonesiaAir Force
11020E-501ArgentinaAir Force
11021E-502ArgentinaAir Force
11022E-503ArgentinaAir Force
11023E-504ArgentinaAir Force
11025E-505ArgentinaAir Force
11026E-506ArgentinaAir Force
11027E-507ArgentinaAir Force
11028E-508ArgentinaAir Force
11029E-509ArgentinaAir Force
11030E-510ArgentinaAir Force
11031LD-1219IndonesiaAir Force
11032LD-1220IndonesiaAir Force
11033LD-1221IndonesiaAir Force
11034LD-1222IndonesiaAir Force
11035LD-1223IndonesiaAir Force
11036LD-1224IndonesiaAir Force
110396301MexicoAir Force
110406302MexicoAir Force
110416303MexicoAir Force
110426304MexicoAir Force
110436305MexicoAir Force
110446306MexicoAir Force
110456307MexicoAir Force
110466308MexicoAir Force
110476309MexicoAir Force
110516310MexicoAir Force
110526311MexicoAir Force
110536312MexicoAir Force
110546313MexicoAir Force
110606314MexicoAir Force
110616315MexicoAir Force
110626316MexicoAir Force
110636317MexicoAir Force
110646318MexicoAir Force
110656319MexicoAir Force
110696320MexicoAir Force
110706321MexicoAir Force
110716322MexicoAir Force
110726323MexicoAir Force
110736324MexicoAir Force
110746325MexicoAir Force
11092N192TPUnited StatesCivil
11093N193TPUnited StatesCivil
11094N194TPUnited StatesCivil
11095N195TPUnited StatesCivil
11096N196TPUnited StatesCivil
11097N197TPUnited StatesCivil
11099G-MFTSUnited KingdomCivil
ZM300United KingdomAir Force
11100ZM301United KingdomAir Force
11102N401TPUnited StatesCivil
11109N402TPUnited StatesCivil
11110N403TPUnited StatesCivil
11111ZM302United KingdomAir Force
11112G-CJYGUnited KingdomCivil
ZM303United KingdomAir Force
11113G-CJYHUnited KingdomCivil
ZM304United KingdomAir Force
11114N404TPUnited StatesCivil
11115N405TPUnited StatesCivil
11116N391TPUnited StatesCivil
11117ZM305United KingdomAir Force
11118ZM306United KingdomAir Force
11122ZM307United KingdomAir Force
11123ZM308United KingdomAir Force
11125G-ETPCUnited KingdomCivil
11126G-ETPDUnited KingdomAir Force
11127G-CKCOUnited KingdomAir Force
ZM309United KingdomAir Force
11128ZM310United KingdomAir Force
11129G-CKIAUnited KingdomCivil
ZM311United KingdomAir Force
11130G-CKIBUnited KingdomCivil
ZM312United KingdomAir Force
11131ZM313United KingdomAir Force
11132ZM314United KingdomAir Force
11134LD-1225IndonesiaAir Force
11135LD-1226IndonesiaAir Force
11136LD-1227IndonesiaAir Force
11137ZM315United KingdomAir Force
11138ZM316United KingdomAir Force
11139LD-1228IndonesiaAir Force
11140LD-1229IndonesiaAir Force
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe