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Spottingmode mission statement:

“To offer the most advanced database platform for aircraft spotters, where every user can combine his own logs and pictures with complete overviews of aircraft and airfields to generate any report, anytime, anywhere and as flexible as possible.”

The Spottingmode database is designed to integrate and link all kinds of aircraft related information. The core of the system is a list of planes from all over the world. Although this list will never be 100% complete, more planes are added almost daily to make it as complete as possible. This list of planes forms the basis for other defined information, like fleet lists and the list of worldwide wrecks and relics. All information in the Spottingmode database (planes, airports, fleet lists, wrecks and relics, etc) can be freely searched on a wide variety of fields. Although it should be noted that freely does not necessarily means free of charge. A paid membership is required for some of the overviews.

As a registered user you can also create your own log of aircraft sightings, which will automatically be integrated with the Spottingmode core database. So besides having a searchable log online, it will also allow you to see your sightings with respect to the full production list of a type for example. Or see immediately how many aircraft in any given museum you have seen already. And with the Spottingmode custom serial books, you can create your own combination of fleet lists and download this in pdf format. With all aircraft you have seen already marked.

Structured, yet flexible

In order to be able to link sightings, pictures and others to the main plane list, the information in the database needs to be structured in a certain way. In the Spottingmode database this means each plane is identified based on registration, main type, country and service. Those four fields must be the same. However, the system has been designed to allow as much personal formatting choices as possible. The registration therefore allows for a large amount of flexibility how it is added. Whether or not you use the plus sign ("+") in a German military serial, a hyphen ("-") in a Dutch, Swiss or Finnish serial, or dots in an Italian military serial is your choice. The Spottingmode system will still be able to recognize what the registration is and link it to the correct plane.

Besides the fields mentioned above, the rest of the defined fields are free format, meaning anything can be entered. Except, of course, the log date field which requires a valid date value. And more, there is also the possibility to add up to three custom fields. These fields can be used for anything and are customizable up to the field title.

All this together leads to a system where you can enter just about any sightings data you want to record, in just about any format you want and still have it linked to the main Spottingmode plane list.

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Creating your plane log online

The Spottingmode plane log is an online database system which means there is no software to download, no regular software updates, no database to manage on your pc and of course, no limit on how many devices you want to use it from or restrictions on devices or operating systems. All you need to do is create an account and start inserting your log.

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Linking your pictures on Flickr to the plane log

Combine your plane logs with the pictures you have posted on Flickr. Either link existing sightings to each individual picture, or create new ones. This way you can easily search amongst your own Flickr pictures, but also let others find your pictures more easily and thereby generate more views on your pictures.

Once a sighting has been linked to a picture, every Spottingmode user can search for it and find it by all inserted fields. So registration, code, type, country, unit, location, date, etc.

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Find worldwide wrecks & relics

The wrecks & relics application contains a worldwide overview of thousands of planes that are preserved, stored, dumped, or otherwise no longer operational. It is of course linked to the Spottingmode plane list and thereby also to your sightings. Once you have a sighting for a specific plane in the database, the plane will be highlighted on the wrecks & relics overviews. The easiest way to find out which new planes you still need along the way on your next trip.

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Create and download your own collections

Every registered user can create several kinds of sets and collections with data from the Spottingmode website. Wrecks and relics locations as well as airfields can for example be combined into collections. Any number and any combination can be put together into a collection and you can create as many collections as you wish. Create one for a new trip for example, or simply all locations where you still need a plane of a particular type.

Fleet lists can also be combined into a serial book. That way you can create your own serial book with only those types and countries that are of interest. Again for one single trip for example, or for an overview of a specific country or type. Registered users with a paid membership can download custom serial books at any time.

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