Creating your own set and collections

All wrecks & relics locations and airfields in the Spottingmode database are generally displayed per country (or state) and can also be downloaded as such. However, there are many reasons to create a listing of either or both not relating to the country these are located in. All locations were a specific type can be found for example, or all museums in a certain area, or maybe all the locations of interest on a next trip.

In order to make such subsets of locations and airfields, Spottingmode allows every registered user to create personal collections. Every user can create as many collections as needed and each collection can contain wrecks & relics locations and airfields *.

Another set that can be created is a set of fleet lists. Fleet lists are defined for a specific type, of a specific country and service. Over a thousand are already available. Each fleet list can be viewed on the website and shows you for which plane you already have sightings. Combine multiple fleet lists into a set (a custom serial book) and download this in pdf format.

Creating and editing collections

Every registered user has one default collection as soon as a first item is added. Even if no collection was manually created, the system will make sure one exists to which the item can be added. More collections can be created through the collections page.

Once created, a collection will be shown on the collections page and the title and other information about the collection can be edited from here. Note that collections are private by default. No other user but the owning user can view the collection. You may set it to public though if you wish to share it with other users.

Adding and removing items from collections

Both wrecks & relics locations and airfields can be added to a collection. Adding can be done from the location page, by clicking on the green check mark next to the name. If you have only one collection active (or none, in which case the system will create one when needed), the item will be added to that collection. If you have multiple collections active a window will show up to select the collection to add it to.

Removing a location can be done in the same way. Click on the check mark and select the collection to remove it from. Or, alternatively, go to the collection edit page and select one or more locations to remove from the collection, then click on the "Delete selected locations" button.

Custom serial books

As a registered user you can create your own sets of fleet lists, called custom serial books *. Each serial book can contain up to 20.000 serials and users with a paid membership can download each created serial book as often as they like. The pdf is created on demand, always with taking into account all your sightings. Planes for which you have sightings in the database therefore will be marked, either as seen on registration, or seen on construction number.

Create and download a custom serial book for example before a trip, combining all fleet lists of planes you expect to see. Or create one per country or region and download one at the beginning of the year, so you can keep track of what you see per year. Or create one for your favorite type. The options are endless.

Creating a book is simple, just go to the serial books page, create one by entering a name for the book and on the next page select the fleet lists you want to have included. The number of included planes is calculated after each selection and the system will warn you if more than 20.000 planes are included. This is the maximum per book, but you are of course free to create two or more parts if you do want to include more than that number.

*) The number of sets and collections a user can create is unlimited, as is the number of items added to a collection. Spottingmode does reserve to right to limit these options at any time if needed.

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