Flickaircraft picture linking

The Flickaircraft application of Spottingmode allows you to link your pictures on Flickr to your own plane log on Spottingmode. Not only will this show you for which aircraft you have pictures published, it will also make it possible for other users to easily search for your pictures. You can see it as both an picture log, as well as an index for pictures on Flickr.

Browsing through your pictures

Pictures can individually be added by linking sightings to them. Just go to the my pictures page and select to view them all, by a group you have added pictures to or through an album. From one of those views you can select any picture. Only pictures that are publicly visible can be linked. Pictures that are public first, but changed to private later will be removed from the system.

Plane icons in the top right corner of a picture show how many (if any) sightings have already been linked to a picture. This may help you find pictures you still want to link sightings to.

Linking a sighting to a picture

Once you have selected a picture, you will see a number of options to link a sighting to it. If the date the picture was taken is stored with the picture on Flickr, then all sightings you have for that day will be displayed. Linking one of those sightings can be done by just clicking on the chain icon to the left of the sighting in the table.

If the picture selected is geo tagged on Flickr (in other words you have added it to the Flickr world map), then all known wrecks & relics in the vicinity of those coordinates will also be displayed. Clicking on the chain icon to the left of a wrecks & relics plane will display a screen to add some more information, after which a sighting will be created and linked to the picture.

If neither of the above options apply, you can still create a new sighting. Click on the "add a plane to this picture" link underneath the linked planes table and fill out the fields. With that information a new sighting will be created and linked to the picture.

Once linked, each sighting can still be edited or removed from the picture.

Searching for pictures

All pictures on Flickr that have been linked to sightings in the Spottingmode database can be searched for by all users. Even if you do not have pictures linked yourself, you can still search for the pictures of other users.

Searches can be performed on all standard fields that are available for plane sightings. Not on the custom fields though, as the search is across all users and different users may have different fields in use. An extra field that is available however, is the Flickr username field. Use this field to restrict the results to pictures of one user or multiple users only.

Pictures that match the search criteria will be displayed and will link directly to the Flickr page of that picture. To see more info on the picture on the Spottingmode website (all linked sightings for example), click on the "more info" button in the bottom right corner.

Pictures that do not show correctly

In some cases pictures that match the search criteria are displayed, but do not show the picture itself but a broken link icon from the Flickr website. This may happen when certain information about the picture has changed on the Flickr website by the owning user. To resolve this issue, click on the refresh icon in the top left corner of the picture. This will try to reload the picture.

Only if the picture was recently removed by the owning user, or the privacy was reset to private, a reload will not be possible and the picture will then be removed from the Spottingmode system.

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